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Need photo editing software for your blog? Hands down the best is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is high end photo editing software with tools for awesome photo effects. However, it is extremely expensive, and unless you are a student pursuing your traditional degree or online degree you will have to pay full price for the software. But there are other alternatives than Photoshop. Picasa, for instance, is a great, free alternative for students, bloggers and anyone. Who doesn’t want to pay for high end software that contains more gadgets than they know what to do with. Not only will it edit your photos, but it is extremely easy to use and share.



When you open Picasa, it automatically locates all of the picture files on your computer. Once the images are located, you are given several options to upload. When you click the import button, you can upload from the folders on your computer, through a disc, through your camera or from a scanner.

Once you’ve decided what photos you want to upload, you can create an album for them. Albums are the folders on your Picasa account. They can be organized any way you want, but the popular option is to organize photos by date. You can make a Christmas album or even an album dedicated to your puppy. Picasa allows you to add pictures later with a drag and drop method so album organization is a snap.


Picasa Photo Sharing

Other than just using Picasa to share your photos with your friends and family, you are able to load pictures to social media websites and also straight to your own blog. Bloggers who use Blogger can use the “Blog This” button on Picasa to send pictures straight to their blog and share with their readers.

Not only can you send pictures to your blog, you can send pictures to your Facebook account. And because Picasa is being integrated into Google+, users will be able to show off their albums easily with their circles.

Photo Editing:

Picasa Photo Editing

Picasa has several options for editing photos. Cropping is great when you have a photo that has objects that you want to cut out. Just create the square you want and hit the crop button. Redeye is also a major problem with portrait photos. In the newest version of Picasa, you will be able to get rid of redeye completely with the press of a button.

Picasa also has the ability to saturate or lighten photos with the color tuning option. These controls make it easier to make your photos more vivid. Another option is special effects, which will allow you to blur or add other effects to your photos. You can create slideshows, videos and collages so you can show off your photos in various ways.

Photoshop may have a lot of awesome editing nuances, but if all you want is easy to use photo editing software, Picasa is the program to use.

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