How to Design Eid Wish Card in Photoshop? [Tutorial]

Eid-ul-Adha is an Important Religious holiday celebrated by all Muslims in all over the world. It is celebrated every year on the 10th day of 12th month of Islamic Calendar, i.e. 10th of Dhu al Hajj. As it is also coming this month, so we are going to make a Eid Wish Card in Photoshop. This tutorial will let you know some new techniques, so must try.

Final Result of Eid Wish Card in Photoshop:

1. First of all take a new file in Photoshop having the size and resolution as follows:

2. Create new Layer and fill it with the following Gradient:

you will have something like this:

3. Pick Rounded Rectangle Tool  and draw a rectangle having 25px rounded corners and 520px width and 760px height. In Layer panel type 0% in Fill Opacity and apply 1px Yellow stroke over it as, place it in the middle of the file as:

4. Create another Rounded Rectangle, but this time having the size 530px width and 770px height, apply same Stroke and Fill Opacity, place it in the middle of the file, so you should have this:

5. Again make a rounded rectangle, but this time having the size 400px width and 400px height, fill it with #6299bb color as:

6. Press Ctrl+T and rotate it 45 degree, press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and move 30px up, reduce the opacity to 80%, again press Ctrl+J to duplicate it and move it 30px up and reduce the opacity to 60%, again do this twice to make two more and reduce their opacity to 40% and 20%, so you will have this:

7. Do the same steps but this time move boxes towards down, and reducing the opacity gradually, so you will have this:

8. Select the actual rounded box which is in the middle of all boxes, press Ctrl+] until it came over all other boxes and apply the following Layer Styles over it, but running the command Layer >> Layer Styles >>Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow and Stroke one by one and give the following settings:

After hitting OK you should have something like this:

9. Now I’m going to use some part of a picture which I purchased from Fotolia, as:

10. Goto Layer Panel and hold down Alt key and click in between the both layer names, i.e. Rounded Rectangle and Fotolia picture so Fotolia picture will mask inside the rounded rectangle as:

11. Pick Rectangle tool  and draw a rectangle of size 520px width and 100px height and place it at the following location having white color filled as:

12. Now I’ve taken a rectangle of size 1px height and 520px width and deleted its left and right areas by using large Eraser Tool as:

13.  Now I’m going to give some shading towards left and right of the white strips, create new layer and select some part of White strips from left side and pick Gradient Tool  and by using #699ebd color to transparent as shown below, then copy it towards right side after flipping, so you may have:

14. Now I’m going to put some Complimentary Text over it, I’ve taken two “Eid Wishes” text through NET and I’ve placed these towards top left and right by changing their angle as:

15. By using same Horizontal Type Tool  I’ve written “Eid Greetings” in curvy font and given a simple drop shadow to it and placed it over the White strip as:

16. Now Pick Brush Tool  and select Star brush from gallery. Create new layer and bring White color in Color Palette and click on the corners of rounded boxes as shown below:

17. By using same Brush Tool , I’ve also made some stars over the Masjid picture as shown below:

18. Pick Ellipse tool and draw an Ellipse at the bottom of the Card, fill it with White and reduce the opacity to 70% and delete the lower part of the Ellipse as shown below:

19. Apply the following Inner Shadow over it:

so you may have Half ellipse as:

20. Now I’m going to Mask some part of Fotolia picture (which we used above) inside this Ellipse as:

21. Write your desire text over it:

22. After giving some detailing, here we will have our Eid Wishes Card designed in Photoshop, hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will be sending us your Awesome work at stunningmesh (at) yahoo dot com. I’ll be waiting for your great work:

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