March 29, 2020

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The Top Appliances Every Kitchen Needs

Some of the top appliances that every kitchen needs include a fridge, a dishwasher, a mixer, a slow cooker and a rangehood. As this post is not having any design related material but this post is the part of Home Décore.

Today we rely on a lot of appliances to get through the day. Our kitchens are somewhere that appliances are dominating features and today we can’t really function without them. Having a good Bosch dishwasher saves you hours a week in time spent standing in front of your sink washing dishes by hand, and every true coffee lover needs a coffee machine in their kitchen. When you apply for contents insurance make sure that you include all your appliances that are in your kitchen on the list of contents in your house, in case you happen to lose any due to fire or any other natural disaster that may strike.


You can’t live without a fridge. Make sure when you buy a fridge that you get one to suit the size of your family. There are many different styles to choose from. Some have the freezer on the top, others on the bottom and other larger styles have two doors where the freezer and fridge stand side by side.


Having a dishwasher makes life so much easier. Rather than spending hours each week hand washing dishes invest in a good dishwasher. When getting one make sure that your plates are going to fit in it, that is that they can stand up in the racks. Having a dishwasher will also help keep your kitchen clean as you can put any dirty dishes straight in the dishwasher, rather than having them sitting on your bench.

Coffee Machine:

For lovers of coffee a coffee machine is a must. It is one of those extravagant appliances but makes a good gift. It will also save you money on going out and buying coffee in cafes all the time.

Stove top and oven:

With your stove you will have a choice of either a gas or electric top. With gas you can control the temperature more quickly, whereas with an electric cook top you can turn it down but it won’t cool down immediately. Choose the largest size that you can afford and that will fit within the space in your kitchen as there will be times that you will need the extra element on your stove and when are have several dishes on the go in the oven.


An important appliance in your kitchen is your rangehood. Choose a good quality one that will do a good job of removing cooking smells from your kitchen.


There are some fantastic mixers available, many with useful multi-functions so they chop, mix, blend and puree.

Sandwich press:

Having a sandwich press is handy and you will find that you will use it a lot when you want to make something quick and easy for lunch or dinner.

Slow cooker:

A slow cooker is a great appliance and one that every kitchen should have. You can throw all your ingredients in it in the morning, set it to cook over the several hours and when you come home that night dinner is all ready and waiting for you. It is also a good way to keep those cheaper cuts of meat.

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