Kitchens are not just a place to make dinner, but also a place to socialize, celebrate and get together with loved ones. Simplicity and clutter free designs are the two main features of this year’s trends. The predicted trends for this year’s kitchen interiors will be an extension from 2010 with stronger and bolder options. Here is a look at some of the predictions about Trendy Kitchens by top interior designers.

Color Scheme of Trendy Kitchens:

Color Schemes of Trendy Kitchens

The color scheme of the kitchen will more or less remain gray. Warm neutral grays and limestone shades with sleek white or brown cabinets are expected to be in style this season. The traditional neutral shade will allow other areas of the kitchen to shine.


Inspiration about Trendy Kitchens

Taking inspiration from exotic places around the world, the neutral colors in the warm and elegant kitchen will be paired with bright appliances in bold neon colors like pinks, turquoise, greens and oranges.



Glass will also take center stage in the newest kitchens. Paired with concealed lighting, this will produce a brilliant effect for fancy dinners. Use of smaller LED lights are also trending this season. Glass can be used as countertops, cabinet doors and even flooring.


Cabinets of Trendy Kitchens

Kitchens gain a sleeker look this year with cabinets covering all appliances to give the cleanest look possible. Clutter free pull out cabinets are going to be very popular in new kitchens. Dishwashers, microwave and other appliances will be cleverly hidden behind chic light colored cabinets.

Built-in Appliances:

Built-in Appliances

Built in appliances will also be highly popular as the kitchens demand a more streamlined look. These appliances include microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers and even storage cabinets.

Gliding Cabinets:

Gliding Cabinets

Gliding cabinets and outlets for electronic equipment like TVs, laptops and phones will also add to the grandeur of the 2011 kitchen.

Natural Materials:

Natural Materials

Instead of synthetic materials to line the kitchen, natural materials will be given importance. Natural stone or wood will bring about the perfect blend of simplicity and natural comfort.

Coffee Machine:

Coffee Machine

You could also make your kitchen look unique by installing a built in coffee machine or unique decorative counter tops. Speed ovens in addition to the conventional OTG are an emerging trend this year.

Trendy Kitchens

Organization is also considered key with various lifestyle brands coming out with modular kitchens making it easy for you to find everything without making a mess on the counters.



The new kitchens in 2011 are also designed to make cooking as convenient, organized and tidy as possible. Soap dispensers and hands-free faucets make the average highly functional with the elegance of a palace.

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