Over 77 percent of the world population use a mobile phone (that’s over 5.3 billion people), and a lot more people are starting to realize the importance of going for an ISP contract in comparison to just going for a prepaid plan.

I run a website where I give people the best SIM Only deals, and it is my specialty to help others get the best deals from their ISP. I have been studying the mobile market for years now by taking a special look at ISPs and customers, and I have been able to determine some of the best approaches for getting a better mobile deal. If you think you’re paying your ISP too much for the service you’re using, this article will be giving you a few tips to help you negotiate for a better deal.

If You”re Not a Long-term Customer, Subscribe to a Long-Term Contract:Better Mobile Contract

First things first; the number one thing you need to realize as a mobile user is that it is only long-term customers that get the best deals. Mobile ISPs do a lot of things to be profitable, but one thing they have realized is that it is their long-term customers that make them the most money. As a result, ISPs are always going to give their best offers to those customers who are on a long-term contract with them. In case you don’t know, most ISPs will charge their long-term customers only half of what casino online most customers are paying, so upgrading to a long-term contract can help save you a great deal of money on the long run.

If You”re a Long Term Customer, Threaten To Go:

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One of the things most ISPs are afraid of is losing their long-term customers, because they are their main source of income, and you can easily leverage this to your advantage. If you’re on a contract with your ISP and are not satisfied with your current deal you can easily get in touch with them for a better deal, or threaten to stop using them if they don’t provide you with a better deal.

In order for this to be effective, you need to make sure you’re towards the end of your current contract before making the request, otherwise your ISP won’t budge when you tell them you want to quit; because your quitting will be to their advantage.

Ask That Some of the Services You Don”t Need Be Removed:

Ask That Some of the Services You Don

Another thing you should watch out for is paying for services you hardly need or use. For example, most people don’t use an internet enabled mobile phone, yet they pay for internet data with their contract.  You can get even better results by getting in touch with your ISP and asking them to remove the services you don’t need. A great way to know services you don’t need is by taking a look at your mobile usage for the last 3 – 6 months to see which services you use and don’t use; you will be able to cut down on a lot of cost using this process alone.

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