The Phenomenon of Perfection in Web Design, Pixel Perfect

The Phenomenon of Perfection in Web Design

If you aspire to do great things in your life and be successful, then you should always keep the phrase “good is the enemy of great” in mind. This advice is true not only for web design but for every other field of life if something needs to be successful but here we’ll talk in relation to web design. If you think on the lines that you just have to finish the task by the end of the day without consideration of quality or perfection in web design, you will never be able to measure your true potential.

The ideal practice is to give 100% to everything we do as web designers. One can achieve perfection when he does not settle on mediocre or good enough work but always be cautious and careful of his performance. However our debate takes a turn here by implying whether striving for perfection is always the answer to success. In my opinion, a web designer can reach perfection by doing things perfectly and skillfully and not by ‘being perfect’. By working shrewdly and skillfully, you can make your client happy and that’s what will make you successful.

So what we are discussing today is whether you need perfection in web design position or whether you can make great websites and please your client by using some skills and techniques.

What is Perfection?

What is Perfection in Web Design

Designers know that when they are to finish a task within a deadline and many other things like the sanctioned budget, communication with the concerned people and personal productivity issues have to be considered, a project cannot turn out perfect but good enough.

When a designer is contended with his return and income, he might also be contended with ‘good enough’. Most of the designers in the market are working on the principle of ‘good enough’ and honestly, they are doing just fine.

Looking at the other side of the picture, there is always a room for growth in whatever we do. Putting effort every once in a while will in turn reap you good. Whenever we can afford, we can strive for perfection and it’s that simple.

The Mindset of Perfection in Web Design:

The Mindset of Perfection

A commonsense applies here that unless you have your mind to something, you cannot achieve it. If you already think that because you are not born with extra ordinary abilities, you cannot achieve Perfection. Starting off a project like that is a wrong approach.

Thanks to how it works, web design is something which can be excelled and you can perfect it. All it requires is skill, the proper amount of practice and commitment that is the base of all. If you have that bone in you that makes you want to learn more, it will become your distinguishing great ability from good abilities. If you can make the best of the opportunities thrown at you and work hard for it, Perfection will open its door for you for sure. The formula of achieving it is as simple as that.

Opportunities Provide Chances of Perfection:

Opportunities Provide Chances of Perfection

Taking forward the debate we started above, you can expect to become a great web designer if you make the best of the opportunities given to you. all we require is vigilance to know when one is throw at you and our environment makes a lot of difference in this matter.

If you are working freelance, such an opportunity may come in the form of a project that will be fun to do or explore the best of your creativity. And in the case of a designer working on contract, opportunities for showing Perfection can come if you are given a key role for a project that’s critical for the business. Trying newer and newer projects and looking for improvements is also a form of such opportunities. Monotony is another thing which stops a web designer from finding perfection and relying on ‘good enough’.

When Opportunity Knocks on Our Door:

When Opportunity Knocks on Our Door

So what it is really like when an opportunity to lead us towards Perfection actually comes knocking at our doors? When one such thing happens, you need to make the most out of it in its literal sense.

One thing that may become a hurdle in achieving your goal might be fear, leading to non-confidence. If you don’t get fear taking the best of you, you might take risks and undertake acts which may not turn out as expected but will make you think that at least you tried. And like every business, taking risks with web designing, newer skills and improvements is daring and probable.

If you take time to think of what-ifs and make second guesses, the opportunity at hand may go wasted and you will be left with your ‘good enough’ work again.

If this opportunity comes in the form of you requiring to try newer skills and techniques then you should not hesitate as it will not only take you to reaching the perfection you desire but will also open up paths and more doors of growth for you. Even if it requires working with a layout or a color scheme you have been avoiding lately, you should take it up because you never know whether such an opportunity comes again or not!

Final Thoughts:

Web designers are ‘good enough’ because they have to keep in view a whole lot of things other than the quality or improvement for a project at hand. But it also means that you can always add perfection to it whenever you get a chance and enough time. You cannot turn every project of yours with great results but you can at least try and you will find perfection every once in a while.

Trying to achieve perfection every time might be unrealistic but putting in the very best of your efforts every once in a while will make you achieve it. Perfection is not something that people are born with, so it can be achieved by anyone. But the price of achieving it is hard work and commitment which has to be brought from within!

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