Tips For Beginners to Design a Perfect Professional Logo

A logo of the company is something which gives the first impression and is the main attraction of the company’s lasting impact. That is why creating a logo is always a big challenge for the designers. Designing a Perfect Professional logo requires all the creative juices drained into one thing, to make it simple, impressive and permanent artwork for the client.

Doing a design project for a company, designing the logo is the most important task as the logo sets basis for the rest of the creative themes of the company, its colors and symbols.

These and other such questions come in a designer’s mind when he sets on designing a logo for a company. So I have brought you today some tips which can help you design a logo with ease and using the best of your talents.

Knowing Your Client:

Perfect Professional Logo

Common sense implies that for designing something for the other party, the designer needs to know what the client wants. The company’s activity and their requirement should always be something on the top when creating a logo. Otherwise you’ll end up creating something which the client will reject.

You have to listen carefully to what your client has to say about the logo and the company. Learn what the company is about and its aim. This will give you an idea as to how to go about designing the logo. Do a little research as to what are the main colors of the company etc. You can also question your client about any relevant information you want, for instance, any specific directions that the client would want you to have. To be more organized, form a questionnaire to record the client’s demands in writing.

A logo is basically about giving an identity to the company. A major responsibility comes with designing a logo as that will be the sign or symbol that will be used on business cards, brochures and letterheads.

Making It Unique:

Making It Unique

As mentioned earlier, logo is the first and lasting impression of the company as the logo is used by the company everywhere and in every place.

Therefore, it should be something which catches the eye, appeals to the heart and make a lasting impression on the mind because if it’s something usual, a person may confuse it with some other logo or forget it.

Designers need to know that they have to broaden their views about creating the logo and not just confine themselves to adding the motive of the business in the logo. It’s true that you have to incorporate the client’s requirement in designing but set your mind free and explore everything, from fonts to lines and curves.

Simplicity in Design and Colors:

Simplicity in Design and Colors

 Simplicity is the factor that shares the high importance with a logo being unique. A simple logo is more prone to stick in the viewer’s eye than a complicated one. Also, the main factor why a simple logo looks perfect is because it has more focus on quality and detail even in a small size.

A logo looks best with as less colors as you possibly can use. When we talk about not making a complicated logo, it also includes not using too many colors. Logo colors usually become the standard colors of everything for the company.

Do not let the colors exceed three. Sometimes, and even most of the times, a logo only needs black and white as it looks impressive and decent.

The Logo Should Be Appropriate:

The Logo Should Be Appropriate

You should design such a logo that goes in accordance with the company’s business. From the shape, style and to the font, everything should show what the business is all about. And it should be consistent in design. For example, if you are designing for children, the colors and even the font should be such which meets this criterion.

In the same way, if you are creating a logo for a women related business, you can use colors like red or pink. Again, choosing what colors or designs or fonts are best for the logo comes with the criteria that are given by the company.

Whether to Use Text or Icon:

Whether to Use Text or Icon

Whether to create a logo with icon or text is another question that a designer has to think of. Some of the most famous logos are designed of a special typography or a font. Therefore, you should not limit your minds to iconic designs only. Let your creative side explore both the iconic style and the text style.

A special font can make your logo a unique one and can be the best idea for a logo. For using a typographical design, write down the name of the company in front of you and think of the fonts and designs based on the name.

Process of Designing Perfect Professional Logo:

Process of Designing Perfect Professional Logo

Just like creating any other thing, the process of designing a perfect professional logo also starts with doing rough work first. Take a paper and a pen and start making doodles and all the designs you can think of. Observe them individually as well as a mix of one or more. Start refining the designs you think are the best.

Usage of the right applications is also an important thing. Adobe is popular and recommended software for this purpose. And last but not the least; proper delivery to the client is important as it creates a good impression.

Final Thoughts:

Employing all of your potential in creating a logo is the first thing you need. Attention to details, which is what, will prove to be a sure thing to create perfection. To open your mind further to creativity, it’s always best to consult from other work and take inspirations. You will find this practice to be a big help when you are having trouble thinking of ideas. All of these tips do not give you a sure shot tasty pot of creativity but these help you to reach to the point of professional creation of a logo.

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