What The Color of Your Blog Will Say About You? Psychology

What The Color of Your Blog Will Say About You

When we think of certain brands, specific colors come to mind. What colors do you see when you think of McDonalds? How about Target or WalMart? Each of these companies have carefully decided which colors they want to use to successfully brand their business, and you should do the same with your blog. The color of your blog you choose will not only help you brand yourself, but it will also give the readers a little insight to who you are.

Psychology of Color:

Psychology of Color of your Blog

Every culture has different interpretations for color. However, there are quite a few general similarities in the United States that you can usually count on. The following list shows a few of these general assumptions to help you better understand the psychology of color.

  • Red – warning, excitement, aggression, energy, passion, love, danger
  • Orange – playful, courage, comfort, fun, youth, approachable, celebration, warmth, affordable
  • Yellow – joy, curiosity, playful, happy, light, amusement, cheerful
  • Green – money, health, life, wealth, prosperity, natural, restful, healing
  • Blue – trustworthy, success, peace, loyal, patience, spirituality, freedom, power, calm, professional
  • Purple – wisdom, sophistication, celebration
  • White – purity, clean, youth, fresh, peace
  • Black – serious, secrecy, mystery, elegance, darkness
  • Pink – romance, youth, tenderness, innocence, sweetness
  • Brown – strength, earth, nature, stability, simple, credible, tribal
  • Grey – reserved, indifferent, reliable, mature, security

Color Combinations to Avoid:

Color Combinations to Avoi

There are also a few color combinations you should try to avoid. Using a dark background with a light text could be very strenuous on the eyes. This also holds true for a yellow background. If your readers are trying to enjoy your site, but it starts to give them a headache, they will be much less likely to want to come back. The best choice of background will always be white with a darker text color, but you can also use color to draw attention to important text or to add a little interesting design in the background.

Too many colors could also distract your audience and overstimulate them. Instead of using ever color in the rainbow, you should consider using just a few compatible colors that will look nice but won’t distract your reader so much that they don’t pay attention to what you have to say. You could also choose one theme color and use different shades of that color to make your site look a little more interesting.

What Color of Your Blog You Should Choose?

What Color of Your Blog You Should Choose

First, you will need to determine what type of person you are trying to reach. From there, it will be a lot easier for you to choose which colors will be best for your audience. In the end, this decision is totally up to you. Each person who visits your site is going to take away something completely different, and you have no control over how they will interpret the colors on your site. The most important thing is that you are happy with the colors you choose. Then, the people who enjoy your site will be more likely to understand your personality, your humor, and your choices. This is the type of person you want following your blog anyway.

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