9 Sources of Inspiration for Your Blog Posts To Get Traffic

9 Sources of Inspiration for Your Blog Posts To Get Traffic

Coming up with ideas for fresh content for your blog day after day can be a challenge. Yet in order to maintain a successful blog, writing regular content that presents new and intriguing ideas is critical. Writer’s block can be a common problem for regular bloggers. However, there are many ways to overcome it and to find enough new ideas to supply regular content to any blog. Lets discuss some sources of inspiration for your blog post, so by adopting these points you may get some extra traffic.

Here are a few ideas:


Sources of Inspiration for Your Blog Posts

The news is always a good source of ideas for posts. Scan the headlines to learn about current events, popular culture, and issues that are being discussed nationally and internationally. Weigh in on these issues or find inspiration from these topics.

Trending Topics:

Sources of Inspiration for Your Blog Posts

Another way to find out what people are talking about is to research trending topics. You can do this on social-networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, or you can do research on Google’s keyword research tool. This will tell you what topics people are searching for the most, and you can write posts related to those topics. Not only will this make your blog relevant, but it will also help to increase your search-engine ranking by including those keywords on your blog.

Take a Controversial Stance:

Take a Controversial Stance

To really help your blog stand out, you can take a controversial stance on a popular issue that is trending. For example, if you see that Lady Gaga is a trending topic, and you know that she is very popular, you can write about why you don’t like her music or why you think she’s a bad role model. The idea is to get people’s attention by adopting a controversial stance on a popular issue. Just be sure that the opinion is really your own.


Profiles Sources of Inspiration for Your Blog Posts

Do you have a favorite artist? Or is there an author or actor that you particularly admire? Write a profile on one of these people and post it on your blog. You can also look for experts in the field that your blog covers. For example, if you write about education, you could find a local education expert or leader to profile. Be sure to make the post topical to your blog in some way.



A bit better than the profile, you can actually speak to the expert or person you admire and conduct an interview to publish on your blog. You can discuss the person’s career, advice for others in the field, or thoughts on certain issues in the field. Interviews can also help increase your search-engine rank if you choose someone who is high profile enough.



There are several types of reviews you can include on your blog, depending on your niche, including books, movies, songs, art, products, and services. Do you write a health blog? You can review the latest fitness products, classes, organic food lines, or nutrition books. Do you write a blog about child care? You can write reviews of books, toys, learning products, and much more. No matter your niche, there are many options for reviews, which will ultimately give great value to your readers.



Another sources of inspiration for blog posts is List. Lists are a fun and popular type of post. You can create all kinds of lists, including “best of,” “worst,” and “most unusual.” Movies, books, songs, computer applications, other blogs, and more are good subjects for lists. If you write a blog about politics, you could create a list of the 10 best movies about American presidents. If you write a blog about health, you could create a list of the 10 best books for self-care. Lists offer a variety of possibilities for any blog.

Tutorials As Sources of Inspiration:


Tutorials and how-to posts are a great way to offer value to your readers and to increase the profile of your blog. If you write a hands-on blog that covers topics such as crafts or fitness, then the possibilities for tutorial posts are wide open. But even if you write a blog about more cerebral topics such as history or literature, you can still write how-to posts, such as “How to write an effective literature review” or “How to get your analysis paper published.” These posts help readers and establish your blog as an authority.

Linkbait Generator:

Linkbait Generator

A quick and easy way for blog posts is to use a tool such as linkbait generator. You can browse random ideas or put in a keyword (or words) to get an idea focused on that topic. The ideas generated are a bit unusual and irreverent, such as “9 crazy ways that sweaty armpit shirt stains are infiltrating pop culture.” You’ll be sure to have interesting posts that don’t cover the same old topics as every other blog.

There are many, many sources of inspiration for blog posts so that you never run out of fresh material. These ideas will help you have enough material for posts throughout the year.

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