Elements of Contemporary Furniture Design, With Some Details

Contemporary interiors are popular in all kinds of spaces including homes, offices, shopping centers and restaurants. They can be warm, comfortable, trendy, and sleek, all at the same time. Contemporary furniture design is characterized by clean lines and fresh styles, which appeal largely to the present generation.

What is Contemporary Furniture?

What is contemporary furniture?
What is contemporary furniture?

Contemporary furniture gives your interiors a chic, up to date appearance. Traditionally, contemporary furniture was reputed to be minimalist and cold, but it has now evolved into colorful and welcoming designs. Contemporary furniture focuses on space, shapes, colors and lines to give interiors a lustrous and alternative look. Contemporary furniture is characterized by geometric shapes that have clean cuts. Furniture that has upholstery usually uses naturally textured fabrics like jute, wool, silk and linen. Pillows are usually brightly colored to set of darker backgrounds. The furniture has no intricate decoration or prints and is free of trims, fringes and tassels. Simplicity is central to contemporary designs.

Elements of It:

Elements of contemporary design
Elements of contemporary design
  • Line and Space: Lines are one of the most apparent and characteristic features of contemporary designs. Lines can be found and are used in most aspects such as chairs, tables, ceilings, windows and even between walls. Certain structural elements may contribute lines as well, air ducts and other wiring lines for instance. Space is important to contemporary furniture in ensuring it does not look cluttered. The space between different pieces of furniture contributes to the overall look.
  • Colors: Black, white and neutral colors like beiges are most popularly used in contemporary furniture. These are contrasted with bold, bright hues like red or orange for instance. Usually furniture sets that are in bold colors are set against neutral backgrounds. But if the walls are brightly colored the furniture is kept neutral.
  • Materials: Materials commonly used include metal, stone and glass. Stone is often used in its rough form, lending a natural look. As a contrast to these hard materials, textured fabrics are used for pillows, rugs and around windows. It is important to avoid colorful prints on contemporary furniture as it often clashes with the design. However, two- tone prints like zebra and leopard prints work well. Stripes are also commonly used in contemporary furniture.

It is important to focus on the individual design of furniture pieces that are contemporary. The geometric shapes should complement each other and not look mismatched. The accessories used with contemporary furniture should be contemporary as well, the lighting and dinnerware for instance. Even though shape and lines are the focal point of this furniture, comfort should be prioritized.

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