How Google’s +1 Can Benefit Your SEO Efforts

Have you taken advantage of Google’s latest trend, the +1? If you have a website and you want traffic, you need to start thinking about how you can implement the +1. Google’s +1 is the newest trend that allows users to share their experience with others. Since Google came out with the concept, it only makes sense that it will be supported (i.e., given consideration in regards to traffic and rankings). Of course, that is just a theory.

What is Google +1:

What is Google +1
What is Google +1

Google’s new +1 is kind of similar to what Google buzz used to be. This time, though, the goal is not to get people to converse or talk about any content. Instead, it is a way that users can recommend content to others who are looking for quality content. When someone comes across a website, article, or even one of Google’s advertisements, they can click on the +1. When a +1 is clicked, it turns blue so the user knows they have clicked the +1 button. When other people come across the content, they can see that it has been approved by other users who have given +1s. Of course, in order to +1 a site, you have to have a Google account, but it is free to get one.

The Google +1 trend is one that seems to build upon the way that we are wired nowadays. We share content with our friends when we think they will find it interesting or relevant. They can then read it and share it with their friends. Things can go viral by just a few people sharing something they enjoyed with others. If you have a website you want to draw attention towards, you can use the +1 feature to really get some interest in what you have to share.

Benefits of Google +1:

Benefits of Google +1
Benefits of Google +1

The benefit of using the +1 is that people love to be able to interact and be experts. When they provide a +1 to a site, article, or other type of content, they are getting the chance to provide their opinion on the information. We are so big into sharing things nowadays that most people don’t really put a whole lot of thought into sharing something they found informative or useful. Most websites make it easy to share content through other means such as Facebook likes, tweets, and StumbleUpon, among other social sites. We all love to be able to interact and provide our vote and Google’s +1 allows users to do just that.

Better Position in Search Result:

Better Position in Search Result
Better Position in Search Result

When a site is given a +1, this shows up in the Google listings. So say, for example, you are looking for a specific topic. You type your keyword into Google’s search engine and come across several different sites on the front page that each contain the information you want to research. You will see the number of +1s that sites receive right on the search results page. Would users be most likely to choose a site that has no +1s, even though it is the first result on the page, or a site that has hundreds of +1s? Will the sites that have the most +1s be given higher rankings in Google’s search engine and will they get more traffic because of this? I guess time will tell. It seems, for now, that +1s have a lot of potential to develop into something that can be really useful for those who work with SEO.


If you have been ignoring this trend, don’t. Jump into the new +1 trend and see how you can implement it. SEO is always evolving and changing. Since this seems to be the trend right now, it is a good idea to learn as much as possible about it and find a way to make it work to your advantage.

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