How to Decorate Your Home Office Space to Optimize Productivity

In recent office decor, employers have killed off all cubicles and hideous carpeting in favor of open offices, clean lines, and concrete flooring at young companies like Facebook and Yelp. These companies promote open communication among coworkers and hope that spacious offices will provoke innovation within the company. Today we will let you know some tips about how to decorate your home office space, it will surly improve the productivity and quality of your work.

These strides in office decor suggest that where you work is just as important as how you work and that an office space can deeply affect the quality of work you produce. Keeping this in mind, your home office space can either make you feel fatigued and lifeless, or inspired and energized. Think about these home decor tips when you’re creating your home office space to optimize productivity when working from home:

Keep it Clean:

Decorate Your Home Office - Keep it Clean
Keep it Clean

De-clutter the entire room and make sure that you have a clean space in which to work.

Implement Storage Space:

Decorate Your Home Office - Implement Storage Space
Implement Storage Space

Make sure you have filing cabinets and ample storage space where you can organize documents or store knick knacks. This will keep your general work area clean and allow you to quickly file or find any important paperwork.

Get a Window:

Get a Window
Get a Window

Natural light is much more pleasant on the eyes than harsh fluorescent. Set up your desk near a window or two for a nice view and ample natural light.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Comfy Chair:

Never Underestimate the Power of a Comfy Chair
Never Underestimate the Power of a Comfy Chair

Reduce musculoskeletal tension with ergonomic seating within your office. Make sure you have lumbar support and armrests for maximum support.

Decorate Your Home Office:


Try and fill your office with art or pictures that inspire you. Art pieces can add interest to the blandest of rooms. Potted plants can also add some much needed color to an office, and a bouquet of fresh flowers can fill the room with a wonderful perfume.

When creating your office space, make sure to focus on light, comfort, and organization and you’ll see a difference in not only the quality of your work, but your attitude too.

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