The Chemistry of Colors in Web Designing

Color scheme is an important part of a web designing. You might make the content and the features stellar but it will remain dull until the color scheme compliments your design. And choosing the right color scheme can be a tough job as it takes time only to have your mind set to some other color scheme.

When a designer sets to work on colors, sometimes it looks as if the colors available colors are not enough and sometimes even a few seems too much to handle. Thinking you have the wrong combination of colors can also be confusing.

Yet there are designers who find just the right color combination, without taking a lot of time. Surely, there are some techniques which they use to get that perfect design. We have explored those techniques and have brought them to you so you can know how the colors are used in modern web designing and what tools you can use to achieve that perfect look.

Role of Colors in Web Designing:

Role of Colors

Color is not only a strong influencing factor for web designing but in the world around us as well. Each of the so many different colors has their own significance and meaning, based on the culture and personal preferences. Therefore, we can be strongly influenced by colors in our subconscious.

There are a good many companies which are known by people because of their colors. With just the colors, certain feelings and emotions can be provoked. So one of the things what an experienced designer knows is that colors can be used to convey an underlying meaning rather than just aesthetics.

When You Can Stop Worrying About Colors:

When You Can Stop Worrying About Colors

There is an intuition among all of us which tells us why colors are important. So before we start a web design, we put our efforts in selecting a color palette. And then we painstakingly adjust these colors more than once, until we are completely satisfied with our selection.

After obsessing over the colors for a long time, even then it seems confusing and you don’t feel that you have got that ‘perfect’ combination you wanted. It always seems that you could use with a wee bit darker shade or a lighter tone of some color. And going through this dilemma you have spent your night and you still aren’t sure about the results in the morning.

This is the time which signals that you should stop worrying about the selection of colors and do with what you have done so far because this is the point when your productive balance is challenged by your creativity. It’s the point when all your previous efforts for a design are starting to get overshadowed and the activity of selecting the right color scheme starts to become useless.

Maybe at this point you even realize that everything is not perfect, there always will be faults with your decision and you will have to do with whatever you have at hand.

Our initial instinct always strives for perfection. So in case of such a dead-end, you can trust your instincts and follow it and you can be sure that it will take you far. So what you should aim at is to take up the best possible color selection you can and start working on it with confidence.

The Power of Colors:

The Power of Colors

From the hue to the saturation and from lightness to darkness, color can intend to mean something. And this quality of a color also renders it another quality; the power of being influential. As, for example, red is the symbol of anger in some cultures; white means peace and calm and green symbolizes tranquility. Using the right colors in the right way in the right project can make your web design achieve that perfect look.

And now given below are some color which are used in web designs with their meanings and influences.

Web Design with Red Color:

Web Design with Red Color

Red is the color which catches attention of the eye the fastest. If in a visual hierarchy, red color is used on top, it will be an attention grabber pretty fast.

Visual height is another term used for web design colors, which says that red color is one of the heaviest colors. And now because red is a strong and powerful color, its use should be normal and not over, lest it gets overwhelming for the viewer. Use too much red color in your web design and it will emit the signals of urgency in most situations.

Some cultures believe that red is a color which can increase stimulation and blood circulation and can also enhance metabolism. While there are some cultures which believe that red is used to grab attention, like a stop sign and sirens on ambulances and fire trucks.

Web Design with Orange Color:

Web Design with Orange Color

Orange is a shade lesser to red. It works for the same things as red but it is less intense. Orange color is a good choice for designs who want to portray an image of activeness and energy.

Orange can be used as the theme color when the target audience is youth, for example, as it presents a bright and energetic feel.

Web Designing with Yellow Color:

Web Design with Yellow Color

You may notice that yellow is a color close to orange so it has more or less the same meaning as orange. A lighter shade of yellow can portray happiness and brightness while a darker shade is for more emphasis. This color can be used in designs which want to portray alertness and happiness without being too stressful.

Web Design with Green Color:

Web Design with Green Color

Green color is taken close to nature in most of the cases and is a color to bind all in a safety net. As this is the color which portrays calm, it can be used for websites which are nature-inspired or aim at providing the reader with a relaxing time or prospect.

Among the shades of nature, green is the most popular. It implies the same meaning of relax and calm in all of its shades, whether light or dark. Green is also a color which shows energy but in a different aspect than orange or red. This is the color most suitable for use for websites relating to health and environment.

Web Designs with Blue Color:

Web Designs with Blue Color

Blue is a favorite of most of the creative minds out there. In its lighter shade, blue can portray a more creative side while a darker shade gives of a strong yet calm feeling.

Blue is a preferable color for websites who want to show that they have quality and stability at the same time. Blue is also a trustworthy color.

Final Thoughts:

Color plays an equally important role in all wakes of life and also in web design. The choice of color palette and incorporating it in the relevant web design can be a hectic and time consuming job. The final and the underlying look of a design depends upon the right selection of colors but the selection of colors should be done within a specified time without letting it get the best of other aspects of the project. Colors may not seem of much significance unless you are aiming to portray your underlying actions through colors.

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