February 22, 2024
Top 5 Common Business Misconceptions About Online Marketing

In an era of technological innovations, many businesses are embracing the trend of online marketing as a tool to augment their business model. That is all well and good but there are many common misconceptions businesses hold about online marketing.

Apart from the understanding that online marketing requires creativity and technological expertise, time, effort and money need to be devoted to the cause. Search engine optimization is also integral to the success of an online marketing strategy. Here are five various misconceptions businesses hold about online marketing and myths that may be stopping them from achieving success in the cyber arena.

This Will Take no Time at All:

This will take no time at all about Online Marketing
This will take no time at all

Success does not come overnight – ask Steve Jobs or any successful entrepreneur. The same principle applies to online marketing. It is not a quick method to make large amounts of money. There are many a people enjoying hefty profits and reaping the rewards of online marketing but it is important to note that they had a long term plan and followed it strictly.

You may have to spend several hours each week or employ a designated person to manage your website and your internet marketing campaign. Good SEO, an attractive yet functional website and consistency throughout your website are good starting points and will give you the solid foundation you need to position yourself highly in search engine results and entice visitors.

I am a Market Leader, My Product will Sell:

I am a market leader, my product will sell through Online Marketing
I am a market leader, my product will sell

You may be the industry leader in your field but to establish a strong online presence, it is crucial that viewers find you in search engines. Word-of-mouth advertising is not sufficient in this day and age and search engine optimization is vital. To increase your site’s chances of success in the online realm, you should have a concise yet descriptive website title that aptly describes what services your site provides. The title appears in a search engine’s result page. Content of the website has to be relevant and has to repeat specific keywords throughout for SEO purposes.

Avoid Flash as generally HTML increases search engine optimization. As Flash sites often take a longer time to load, the lack of speed may also deter certain customers. Internal lining within the website is a great way to get your website noticed by search engines and to increase the ranking of internal pages.

My Site Looks Great Therefore it’ll be Profitable:

My site looks great therefore it’ll be profitable
My site looks great therefore it’ll be profitable

Your website may have an aesthetically pleasing homepage and funky graphics that would captivate visitors but all count for naught if your website is not being clicked on. Websites do not sell themselves and if they are nonexistent on search engines, they won’t generate traffic and your products and services will not be known to anyone. Invest in proper search engine optimisation to ensure this is not the case.

Social Media is a Fad:

Social media is a fad
Social media is a fad

Many people talk about SEO, rankings and traffics when they discuss online marketing campaigns. The phenomenon of social media however beckons forth its integration into online marketing campaigns, despite naysayers who insist it is a trend.

There are many opportunities for business to tap into the emerging trend and use it to augment their business. If used properly, social media has limitless opportunities for customer growth, it is cost-effective and it is one of the most effective ways to promote marketing campaigns to a target demographic.

I’m Successful, I Can Stop Now:

I’m successful, I can stop now
I’m successful, I can stop now

Never be content with what you have. Your site may be getting plenty of clicks and unique visitors, it may be selling product and services at an escalating rate everyday but always remember – competitor companies are not far behind and you can never rest on your laurels.

Constantly keep your website relevant, fresh and up-to-date because online marketing is all about perseverance, commitment and diligence. Businesses suffer when they start to neglect their websites as new concepts enter the online realm every day. It is your job to stay up-to-date with these developments.

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