Why Business Cards are Useful for Your Business

Starting a new business enterprise? Trying to show your skill set to a prospective client? Trying you best to crackdown a deal with one of the prospective companies in your hit list? Well, a business card is then the thing for you. And in all probabilities, you are well aware of that and might have already handed it out to the various people. But what you might have missed out on is the huge difference the first look of your business card can do to your business or to your image in the corporate circle. A business card is one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your business. But most of us fail to use this gem of a weapon to our use for lack of effective designing. Just think of it, let us suppose you are a children’s party manger, and you have a very morbid looking, dull card; well it won’t do much to help your business. Instead you should have a playful card, brimming with colors which though not childish in appearance should put forth a spirit of enjoyment. And this is the point that I am trying to drive across. The few tips that would help you have a competitive edge over the others in terms of your business cards are listed below.

Stress on Content:

Stress on Content for Business Cards

Many a times in the excitement of printing out a card, some people forget to include the details like the company name, contact information (mobile number, office number, fax number, email address), logo and products of the company. Any would be client would like to know these details of your company before venturing out on a project with you. Also it is important to bear it in mind, that one way or the other, the content is the backbone, the most important part of your card.

Just because the printer will offer you a good discount on nice metallic ink, or on rounded corners, it is not mandatory that you will have to fall for it. Some new kids on the block might be very good at creating a really attractive round edged business cards, but in your case the neat 4 sharp cornered card might do the wonders. A gold colored ink is not the right thing to invest in if your card talks about programming and software development. However if you deal in curios and antique silver jewelry then a silver metallic ink writing might just be the thing for you.

The Quality of the Paper Used:

The Quality of the paper used in Business Cards

It is very important that you don’t act miserly while choosing the paper for printing your card, or the entire exercise will go down the drain. It should be printed in high quality stock paper, and should not have perforated edges. Having a logo embossed into the card is also a good way of drawing attention. It is important to understand the use of good quality paper from the psychological front as well. If the card that you are providing to a prospective client is made up of a poor quality material, it will speak volumes about your working standards. On the other hand, a high quality card will provide the impression that you will deliver high quality products, and won’t have a lousy work regimen.

Having the Correct Card Size:

Having the correct card size

Business cards which want to be referred to needs to conform to the general card size of 3.5” by 2” so that it can fit into the wallets. You should keep it in your mind that no matter how beautiful your card is, if it does not follow the standard size, it will end up being either in the dustbin or on some dark- dingy corner of the workplace.

Avoid Making a Card Which is Cluttered:

Avoid making a card which is cluttered

The philosophy of “less is more” works in this case too. Do not try including everything about your enterprise in one small tiny card. Stick to the important information only. Too much of writing in that small piece of paper seems utterly unprofessional and amateurish. But do not forget to include your contact information. Also don’t make the font size so small that one will need to read it with magnifying glass. 95 % of people above thirty five years of age need a reading glass, and hence it is in your good interest not to make a font which is smaller than 7 to 8 points

Give a Good Selling Proposition:

Give a good selling proposition

Last but not the least, it is very important to include a good offer for your clients. Without this there is no reason as to why someone would choose your card over that of the others. Thus it is very important that you include some great offer or discount scheme that will set you apart from the rest. This will itself give the much needed impetus and mileage to your enterprise.

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