How To Do Proper On Page SEO For Higher Ranking

If you have a website that gets any amount of traffic, you have likely heard of SEO. There is always a lot of talk about getting off page SEO taken care of but sometimes the on page optimization is ignored. Yes, on page SEO just isn’t sexy. However, it is important to realize that if proper on page SEO is done, it takes much less effort to get the desired results by adding some off page SEO.

On Page SEO:

On Page SEO
On Page SEO

So what exactly does on page SEO consist of? I’m glad you asked. On page SEO is taking care of the things on your site that make it properly optimized for search engines to crawl. If a site is properly optimized it should not contain broken links or missing code. It should, however, contain the correct meta information.

For proper on page optimization it is important to have your meta keywords, meta descriptions, and meta titles all contain your keywords. If you have a blog, it might be tempting to just leave out the meta information every now and then when you are in a hurry to create a blog post. However, this is all an important part of the on page optimization of your site. If you want to have a site which is optimized in the best way possible, make sure that you have all of your meta information filled in for every post, and make sure you have your keywords in there too.

Another part of on page SEO, which should considered before a site is built, is the domain name. A domain name should include the keywords which you want to rank for. An exact match domain name is the best option if possible. However, this is not always possible. In the case that you can’t get an exact match domain, you should still try to get the keyword in the domain. There are several different ways to do this but an expert in SEO would be able to find the best way to include a keyword in a domain that is not an exact match.



Keyword density is a big part of SEO. Your keyword density should be from one to three percent. You don’t want to have too many keywords on your page as that can be a turn off for readers. And even if you are able to get readers to go to your site once because of stuffing in keywords, you can’t expect to get them to go back to your site if it is poorly written. Quality, unique content is another big part of on page SEO. And another thing that is important with on-page SEO for is to use bold, underlining, and italics on your keywords.

Search Engines:

Search Engines
Search Engines

Think of a search engine like a person doing a search for information. A search engine wants to give users the most relevant information possible. When a site is properly optimized, it makes it easy for the site to get traffic from the search engines. Targeted traffic is important to a website. When sites are properly optimized, they can receive the traffic that is relevant and targeted.

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