How to Make Yourself Favorite for a Design Agency Job

It is a common knowledge of the marketing industry that advertising business is one of the most profitable and easy business. Many refer to the professional life of a designer luxurious and rewarding. In most of the cases, a designer can choose his own hours of work, choose the clients he wants to work with himself and has a sort of a rule over his profession and career that people from many other professions dream of and envy. Moreover, a designer has variety in his work and he can employ the best of his creativity in his work. There are some major advantages that a design agency job can offer.

One major benefit of working as a designer is that it does not require a high level of expertise. It is a plus if you have experience and expertise in a certain field, however, one can integrate a communication plan and implement it with only his skills and level of interest. Second, you can work for some clients having a high profile and it can add in your portfolio. Working for an advertising agency, a designer can stay up-to-date with all latest technologies in software as well as hardware and so he can get his hands on all the advancements first class.

Stated above is in reference to a freelance designer and to inform him of the advantages of collaborating with an advertising agency as it is not a bed of roses for a freelancer. If someone thinks that having a freelance design business is about having a MacBook Pro in the lap and sitting on the couch, they have got it wrong. This is because a freelancer also experience droughts of work and difficulty in obtaining clients and can get some clients which give them a real tough time.

For a freelance designer, it is best to be associated with an advertising agency to attain all the benefits stated above. In this way, a designer can keep his freelance business but can also add security to his career by being a part of a permanent place. Building relationships with advertising agencies can build a steady stream of work for them.

In turn, if a designer likes working with the agency, he can have the agency people deal with the client on his behalf while he focuses more on strengthening the relationship with the art director. Having an association with an advertising agency while you’re still a freelancer can add a factor of security along with the factor of liberty to the existing freelance career. And if you are making up your mind and want to know what an advertising agency looks for when hiring a freelancer, here are 5 most important tips that can help you pay attention to their requirements.

Creativity Factor in Design Agency:

Creativity Factor in Design Agency
Creativity Factor

This is probably the most basic factor in the hiring requirements of all kinds of marketing business. However, it holds more importance for a freelancer as it sets the basis for his image and his abilities. You have to pay the most attention on nailing it in front of your prospective employer.

More high profiles agencies look for designers that can offer them original work which is something different from the traditional style of ongoing work. Shunning the technical tools, going beyond it and creating something which expresses your style and meets the specified goals in the bets of ways is what builds your impression.

The best way to express your creativity is to start from your resume and then taking it through to your portfolio as these two will set basis for a probable call for interview. A tip for a professional look is to keep your portfolio limited to only the very best of your work. This is because of the reason that you have to show the greatest of work and not the quantity of work.

Experience Factor:

Experience Factor of Design Agency
Experience Factor

An advertising agency can offer training facilities and efforts to their permanent employee, however, for a freelancer, they look for experience so that they have ready resource at hand and not someone who they have to train to get work. Agencies look for a freelancer who they can trust their work with and get it good the first time straight.

And so experience is an asset for a designer as design agencies look for reliability and a designer who shows his experience which includes working with a few clients over a long period of time, he is likely to get hired. In usual practice, it is a chance for the design agencies that they take on freelancers and so if the project holds much importance, they will go for en experienced designer rather than a newbie.

So the best way that a designer can gain experience is to work on as many different kinds of projects as he can, without taking the quality for granted so that it adds to his portfolio.

Time Factor for Design Agency:

Time Factor
Time Factor

Time management is especially essential for a part time freelancer and as every project needs time, you should not commit to what you cannot finish in time as your next project depends on how efficiently you can provide your work.

You have to show the agency that you are capable of finishing the specified project within time as missing deadlines is the worst situation and shows a lack of professionalism.

Rate Factor:

Rate Factor
Rate Factor

An agency should be such that can afford you and as it looks for quality over all, you should be able to provide your work within time, with the best quality and show a positive attitude towards your employer. You should be able to charge what you’re worth and you can be polite yet firm about it so that you get the value of your efforts. In this factor, you also need to have the skill to negotiate so that no one can get the better of you.

Communication Factor:

Communication Factor
Communication Factor

Having good communication skills are also required in freelancing as much as in any other profession. Your agency expects you to be able to communicate well and you should come up to their expectation.

Ensure that you will return the calls and emails immediately as it also is related to your credibility and reliability. Have face to face meetings every once in a while as it is the best way to stay in touch. If you are busy or will be unavailable for a while, inform your employer or else it will get frustrating for him.

Final Thought:

Reliability and credibility are the most important features that are required to excel in any field and in the freelancing business as well. If the design agency is sure that you can be relied upon for providing work on time and are at hand for any kind of communication and if the company is sure of your abilities because of your past experience and your quality speaks for you, it will form your credibility. Having all these factors present when looking to be a part of a design agency in the right quantity, you can get the employment in an agency of your choice. And then the only thing that will remain to be paid attention too is maintaining your position.

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