Wonderful Ways to Decorate a Teen’s Room with Really Tiny Space

There are no two ways about the grave truth that teenagers feel a dearth of space around as they begin bringing significant changes to their preferences and lifestyles. One such noticeable change revolves quite a lot around their bedrooms, even if they have compact space. Though it may appear as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree when it’s about to decorate a teen’s room, there are several sources as well as guidelines to help you sail through smoothly. With a tinge of attractive, suitable wall colors, right furniture, complementing equipment, the space can indeed be transformed into a room like never seen before. Following are some really wonderful ways that should enable you to spruce up your teen’s room without being on pins and needles about the minimal space.

1. Measure the Room:

Measure the room to Decorate a Teen’s Room
Measure the room

This might prance as highly significant in designing a perfect, gorgeous room for your child. Measure the bedroom’s dimensions and make note of windows and doors. You can take some help from a graph paper and sketch out a scale model of the room – using two squares to equal one foot. Besides this, you can even bring adjustments to the scale according to your teen’s needs. However, ensure to include the dimensions of the windows and doors on your model.

2. Choose the Furniture:

Choose the furniture
Choose the furniture

Subsequent to which, you can advance towards sifting out the right furniture for your teen’s bedroom. Nevertheless, zoom on the pieces that serve multiple purposes. To state an example, you can opt for a bunk bed with a futon on the rear bunk. This can help your child have enough sleeping space whilst rendering an additional lot to his friends. You can even choose lofty beds as they can seamlessly accommodate a desk, bed and seating in the same footprint as a single bed would do. An elevated-looking bookshelf utilizes vertical space thoroughly to house school books, stereo speakers or other possessions. A skinny, tall dresser, on the other hand, looks perfect for clothes with minimal space being consumed.

3. Measure the Furniture:

Measure the furniture about to Decorate a Teen’s Room
Measure the furniture

Next significant step to furnish the room could be measuring the furniture. Make scale models with graph papers and the similar conversion employed for the room. You can cut the pieces out and play on them for arranging the room on paper. This will provide you with an insight into ‘how the room furniture would actually look like’.

4. Choose a Color Scheme:

Choose a color scheme
Choose a color scheme

This may make or break the game as deciding upon the suitable color is one of the most important steps. Settle upon a color scheme and theme while ascertaining that colors are light and patterns are simple. Dark colors can make a bedroom appear smaller. Nevertheless, to harmonize well with the room’s theme, snap up lighting, bedding and other accessories that beautify the overall appearance. You can even playful details, age-appropriate décor at the same time.

5. Keep Less For More:

Keep less for more
Keep less for more

Lastly, you can infuse the bedroom with attractive stuff – keeping in mind the tiny space. You can think of splashing some thought-provoking, creative accessories around the table or add a bulletin board to keep your kid organized. However, make sure not to overfill the room.

Though it might be challenging to Decorate a Teen’s Room, walking on the above mentioned ways are sure to help you a lot. Nevertheless, to make the process even simpler, you can always get some suggestions from your teenager about ‘what he or she would particularly like to add’. It will certainly do the trick for you as well as for your teen.

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