Choose Comfortable Seating

Choose Comfortable Seating

The kind of working environment you have plays a very important role in how your daily life goes and influences your outlook on life and your state of mind. For the mind to be productive at its best, everything related to the work should be in order, hence the importance of an organized office environment. You would think how can an office being organized workplace, is related to improving productivity. In reality, these two things are deeply connected. Once you know how it can, you would be surprised and amazed.

Office is place where you spend eight hours of your, which is more than half of your waking time. It has to be place where you can have peace of mind so that your day passes by pleasantly. If the office is clean, you will be able to work relaxed. A messy office has a psychological effect which makes you feel having a greater work load.

Moreover, a clean office is a depiction of your personality in front of the customer of a client and helps build your image. If you are not good at organizing, we have brought you help. There are several ways to organize an office so that it reflects your taste and is a perfect environment for you. If you are suffering from the problem of having an unorganized office and you want to change the situation, our tips can help you.

Having a Clean Desk:

Organized Workplace - Having a Clean Desk
Having a Clean Desk

If you keep your desk clean and the stuff in your office in proper order, you will find that it is having an organized effect on your personality. It is a situation of frustration when you are looking for something but not be able to find it in all the mess. By being able to find stuff right away will have the productivity improved naturally. You don’t have to cram all the documents in one cabinet; you can always use extra trays, baskets and drawers to keep them on priority basis.

If you think your office is too dull, consider investing some finances in buying some typical office furniture which will give you a feel of a proper working environment. Photos on the wall and on the desk and plants in the office extra are said to have a positive influence on the mood as they make you feel closer to nature and the outside world. A picture of your family on your desk or a scenic painting on the wall makes you feel close to the world outside of your profession. Also, if you are in creative field, photos on the wall can help you take inspirations for your work.

You can change your office setting time to time to keep the place fresh as watching the same setting for years can also get monotonous and dull. A changed environment has a positive effect on the mind. Change is a human nature and thus you should find new stuff to add or change in your office to keep yourself going. If you are not sure how to manage the interior in the best way, you can always seek professional help or from someone who is good at this.

Choose Comfortable Seating:

Organized Workplace Choose Comfortable Seating
Choose Comfortable Seating

Where you might consider anything as a minor factor in increasing your productivity, you are not right. As every small details adds up to one perfect combination. And seating is one of these factors. It should be something of your choice. It should be comfortable and perfect for you to give you the support you need when you have to sit at your desk for long hours. People who don’t have comfortable seating suffers from back pains and it affect their productivity in turn as they lose their focus and is also bad for health.

Mentioned below are some of the tips that you should take up to keep your body in the correct posture.

  • The ideal seating position requires that your feet should be touching the floor flat so that it supports your body. Along with that, your thighs should be pointing slightly downwards so that your legs stay relaxed. Experts say that the perfect sitting position should be such which makes a little over 90 degrees angles with your hips and lower legs.
  • Your lower back supports your torso so it should have a nice support. Your whole body will stay comfortable if your lower back has the support of the chair. There are especially designed office desk chair which are in accordance to the correct seating position. You should get one of them.
  • Last but not the least, the position of your neck and shoulders is very important. If they are not in the right position, they will stress your arms and back out. Your lower arms should be at right angles or slightly adjusted so that your wrists set in a correct position when you are using a keyboard.

Having Proper Lighting:

Organized Workplace - Having Proper Lighting
Having Proper Lighting

Reading this you would think how in the world lighting is related to productivity. It may not be but it is related to having a peaceful state of mind and a peaceful mind is productive in turn. If possible, try to get as much daylight during the day as you can as that is very important for a healthy mind. It does not give you the feeling that you are shut away from the outside world. The lighting in your office should be adjustable or there should be several lighting sources so that you can have a proper light for your work and brightness in the room. Brightness and contrast settings for the computer monitor are also very important. You should adjust your computer resolution in a way that is doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your eyes because if your eyes are at unrest, it will increase your stress level and fatigue.

Minimize Distractions:

Minimize Distractions
Minimize Distractions

Working efficiently implies that, among other things, you are free from distractions. There are some people who can think well when they are listening to music while for some; it is just a background noise and a major factor to lose focus. Also, background noises such as of a television are also distractions, even too much of phone calls can also make you lose concentration from your work. Therefore, you should create such an office environment for yourself in such a manner where you don’t get distracted and can manage if there are any distractions. Because, in order to let productivity flow throughout the day, you need to stay organized and focused.

Final Words:

Having an organized office space is probably the most important factor in improving productivity. Years of expert research has proved that an office must be kept tidy and organized in order to get the best flow of productivity. Having a properly set office not only helps in productivity but also is important to form an impression about your personality as how you keep your office reflects how you really are in person. Once you have an organized office working upon the above mentioned tips, you will find an improvement in your work progress; you will be able to manage the workload easily and will experience a renewed boost in your outlook of work.

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  1. Thanks for the post lol. It’s only funny because I just did almost everything you said before reading this. I bought a new comfortable chair, I put new lights in my office, I have a quite office so I can work with little distraction, and I took a whole bunch of stuff off my desk to try and make it look nice. Ok, well it’s a little funny to me, but great post! Thanks

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