Introduction and Use of VLookUp Function, Some Basics

Microsoft Excel is a wonderful tool to manage, store, and extract data. It’s all about playing with this software and you can explore multiple new functions hidden in it. All the functions are for the ease of users and they give accuracy, save time and reduce the fuss that is created by manual working. One of the most commonly used and important function is VLOOKUP. People find it confusing to use and in reality it is the easiest function to use once you get to know its basic working.

Use of VLookUp:

The Excel VLOOKUP function is a database function. It works with database tables or simply the list of things in any Excel Worksheet. The database or list can be regarding any thing that one has to work on.

Formula used for VLookUp Function is:


Simple Example with respect to a class of 12 students:

  • Suppose there are 12 students in a class. Enter the names of the students in Column A and B from A2 to B12.
  • Marks obtained by each student are already calculated. Enter them in Column C.
  • In order to calculate the grade obtained by each student, we will use VLookUp Funtion in Microsoft Excel 2010.
  • Create a KEY which ranges from Cell E2 to F7.
  • Do the necessary formatting using different tools that the Excel offers to make your data look unique and appealing.
  • Create a D column for Grades
  • Go on D2 cell and apply the VLOOKUP function that is:

=VLOOKUP (C2, E$3: F$7, 2)

This will give the grade A for this respective student score. The dollar sign used in the formula ($) is for fixation and accuracy of the data that is following that cell. In this example, the table has a fixed range that will not change (E2 to F7) whereas C2,D2 and similar did not use a dollar sign.

  • Now, by dragging from D2 cell to D12 the grades will appear automatically according to the key that we created and the VLookUp Function.
  • These easy steps will make you learn the VLookUp function in Microsoft Excel.
  • This will aid you in making your work easier and convenient.
  • Given below is the print screen version of the example that I have created for easy understanding of this function of Microsoft Excel.
vlookup funciton in excel
vlookup funciton in excel

Similarly, VLookUp function can be used for any kind of data that is under consideration or use. For instance, sales data, employee salary data, performance with respect to age/salary and other various data can have the VLookUp function applied on them.

This data on the Excel is portable. You can easily mail it to anyone who wants certain information. This way it will be easily accessible by the desired users.

All data management in this age is done on Excel for ease of human beings in any kind of business. Therefore every individual should learn the basics of all the software that are provided to make the work better, accurate, easy to do and in time.

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