How Social Media Profiles Effect on Your CV


When we get to the term ‘Resume’ or CV, we normally regard it as a boring piece of paper that will eventually lead you to an interview. Let’s face the fact that most of the resumes are dreary as well as boring. They normally indicate who I am, what I do, how awesome I am, and what kind of academic career you had. There has been a lot of discussion on if you should be including your social media profiles on your CV or not. When it comes to what I think, I totally agree to it. In case you do not, it is not a big deal, however; I would like to highlight some vital points that may be useful in changing your mind in this regard.

  • LinkedIn:


I’m pretty sure, mostly people with agree with me while we talk about adding the LinkedIn URL or profile to your CV. This is something which is completely adequate in the present times. As most of the head hunters, recruiters, and hiring managers are continuously searching LinkedIn portal for their next ideal candidate.

  • Facebook:



As Facebook is a portal that has a large number of people, and as a result people have now started incorporating their Facebook profiles or pages in their CV. However, I recommend not making use of them especially for your resume. On the other hand, you should create your very own Facebook Page and mention all of your professional information over there. Moreover, if you happen to be an artist, you can opt for customized Facebook pages which are certainly going to have a good impression on your potential employers.

  • Twitter:


While you are considering adding your Twitter profile to your CV, your potential employers will able to see a side of yours that they may never be able to come across otherwise. This is for the reason that there are a few things that you are required to think about before your include your Twitter profile to your resume.

–       You need to make sure that your Tweets are professional. It does not mean that you always have to talk about the industry or business you belong to, but you are needed to ask some questions to yourself which would be useful in determining if your tweets are particularly professional or not.

–       Do you guarantee your tweets?

–       Do you make use of slangs?

–       Is it that you make use of such terms which are not used in a professional surrounding?

Once you have been able to consider these points and ensuring that you have a good and appealing profile is going to be the very first step which will help you determine whether your Twitter profile is worthy or not.

The main point here is to ensure that any of the profiles you are considering adding to your CV is professional and polished. It will provide you with a benefit of letting the prospects see a different side of you, perhaps one that they feel would be a perfect fit for their company. On the other hand, if the same prospect peeks through your Facebook’s profile and come across nothing useful but photos of you intoxicated, you are going to lose the opportunity!

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