Stylish Wooden Text Effect Through Photoshop

In this Photoshop Tutorial you will be learning how to make Stylish Wooden Text effect through Photoshop. We will be putting some Wooden Pattern over text then placing it over a Grass and putting some leaves over it. Some Layer Style commands would be used along with some tools. Not a very long tutorial, hopefully you will like to make this text. I’ve taken some pictures through different places for giving some detailing.

This is what we are going to make:

Stylish Wooden Text Effect.

Step 1:

Let’s start out by creating a new file. I used a 560×300 pixels canvas set at 72dpi, and I filled my background with black. Now make a new layer set and name it ‘Wooden Text’. Select the Horizontal Type Tool, then set the font family to your desire one, and font size according to your desire, smooth and #c6952f color shade. In a new text layer, type your text.

Forget about .com as we will not be using it anywhere in this tutorial. I put .com outside Wooden Text set in Layer Panel.

Step 2:

Under Layer Style (Layer > Layer Style) add an Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Satin, and Stroke blending options to the light brown text layer.



Step 3:

In a new text layer, type your text with white color, as you have written previously.

Step 4:

Under Layer Style (Layer > Layer Style) add a Gradient Overlay and Stroke blending options to the white text layer. Then set the layer’s blending mode to Darken.


Step 5:

Now merge down your ‘Wooden Text’ layer set by going to Layer > Merge Layer Set. Then under Layer Style (Layer > Layer Style) add an Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, and Gradient Overlay blending options to your Wooden Text layer.


Step 6:

To give some Wooden Environment, I’m going to call a wooden bg, like:

Select the Stunningmesh text layer and apply normal Drop Shadow as:

Now to give some detailing, I’m going to put some Transparent grass and leaves over it, finally we get the following Wooden Text effect over grass:

Adil Raja

Adil Raja is the Freelance Graphic Designer and Tutorial writer, working with us as an Internee.

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  2. طراحی سایت

    Amazing effect, I’d like to browse more similar tutorials on your website.

    Thanks for sharing

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  8. Great use of layer styles! Would of liked to have seen a little more coverage on how the wood effects were created for the background as well as the grass elements.

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