Top 10 Tech Innovations of 2012 – Breakthrough Technologies

Over the years, we have witnessed the continuing rise of various devices that make all of us crazy to have. The technology is transforming in a fast pace in such a way that the traditional industries are crumbling quickly. Browsing the World Wide Web will give you idea about the tech innovations particularly this year.

In this digital era it is quite hard to determine the top 10 tech innovations. Nevertheless, the internet and some experts can give us their predictions and wild guess about the latest trends in technology.

Predicted Innovations in Technology:

1. Touch Computing:

Touch Computing

Using graphical user interface is more in demand, thus using desktop computers will be outdated by touch screens.

2. Social Gestures:

Social Gestures

It is also called as friction-less sharing that was introduced by Facebook. The user need not click a button when sharing media instead any relevant app that you approved will be posted in your profile.

3. Mobile Payments:

Mobile Payments

This innovation in technology replaces the credit card payments.

4. Amazon’s Kindle Fire:

Amazon’s Kindle Fire

It is the latest innovation in technology that allows the users to watch their favorite shows conveniently on their hands.

6. Voice Control:

Voice Control

This is another popular trend in 2012 that allows the users not only sending texts but also creating reminders and searching the Web by using your voice.  Thus, the trend of using voice controlled devices is on the rise.

7. Spatial Gestures:

Spatial Gestures

Microsoft Kinect is one of those devices using spatial gestures. This input method can be controlled as the user wave hands.

8. Second-Screen Experiences:

Second-Screen Experiences

This is the latest trend of apps mainly on iPad in which the content linked to the movie or show you’re watching is displayed through the audio output from your TV.

9. Flexible Screens:

Flexible Screens

These types of screens refer to those devices that feature bendable interfaces that allow the user to zoom in and out as well as scroll around the page by twisting the tablet or phone.

10. HTML 5:


This technology innovation allows developers to create more interactive and richer applications.

Therefore, 2012 will give us the opportunity to take advantage with the latest innovations in technology that will make everything easier.

Other Benefits of Tech Innovations:

Indeed, the innovation in technology has made life easier and it touches the lives of people from different walks of life. Through the technology, people working from far flung places can communicate with their families by suing computers and mobile phones. In the same manner, students can use the internet when researching different topics as well as communicating their teachers by using email.

Although it is expensive maintaining devices, but it guarantees good return of investment. This is true particularly to banks and other institutions using technology devices. It helps them in expanding their market as they can engage in online transactions. Likewise, they can manage efficient communication process throughout the globe without compromising the quality.

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