As a blogger, your major and valued asset is your reader. It is for this reason that blogs are created with readers in mind. Identifying your reader’s needs is the key to increasing targeted traffic to your blog. Moreover, you cannot have returning traffic if you do not know what ticks your bloggers.

Visitors to your blog are the ones who will subscribe to your regular RSS feeds or subscribe for email newsletters. In addition, you’ll need them to leave comments on some of the articles published on your blog. However, achieving this feat will not be easy of you do not give your readers a reason to visit your blog and keep coming back.

Discussed herein, are 5 tips on how to keep in touch with your blog readers.

1: Update Your Blog on a Regular Basis:

Keeping your blog updated not only guarantees repeat readers, but increases your ranking in market leading search engines such as Google. Google loves fresh blogs. Therefore, the more you keep your blog updated the more your blog is preferred by search engines. Whereas updating your blog on a daily basis may be challenging, especially if you have other matters to attend to, you can dedicate at least 2 to 3 days on a weekly basis to update your blog. The fastest and simplest way to discourage visitors to your bog is to fail to update your blog.

2: Networking With Your Readers:

Facebook and Twitter are some of the greatest tools for socializing and communicating with friends. You can easily share photos and videos with your friends using Facebook or Twitter. You can include your Facebook or Twitter profile on your blog and urge your readers to either follow you on Twitter or add you as friends on Facebook. This way, your readers will feel as if you have an interest in them and are most likely to involve you in conversations.

3: Respond to Comments Left on Your Blog:

By virtue of leaving comments on some of the articles published on your blog shows that readers are captivated by the. Therefore, it only makes sense that you reply to these comments. Responding to their commentaries is an indication that you appreciate them for their time on your blog. Hinging on the comments left, you may end up with a string of conversation on your blog which is good for ranking in search engine.

4: Offer Help to Your Readers:

Help can range from tips on how to clean a microwave to tips on how you can clean your home. Readers are always searching for helpful tips online. Hence, you can assist them by offering ideas on how they can make their lives easier. Nonetheless, you need to ask your readers what you can offer as tips and guidelines so that you do not end up publishing articles that are vague.

5: Visit Their Blogs:

To be successful in the blogging world, you need to be ready to visit other people’s blogs. By visiting their blogs, you can post comments or reply to some of the strings left on their blog. Furthermore, visiting their bog is one way of increasing the much needed web traffic that they are searching for. This way, they’ll feel obliged to do the same for you.

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