Electronic commerce also referred to as E-Commerce is a term used for buying or selling services or products by using an electronic medium such as internet and other networks. E-Commerce not only includes buying and selling of services and products but it also deals with the process of marketing, delivering, paying and providing service or product. The increase of the usage of internet has widespread the use of these e-commerce websites. Now days, people prefer using their computers or mobile phones for ordering for a product or service and the desired product is delivered to the customer’s residence. There is a large boom in the e-commerce market around the world and therefore the competition between various e-commerce websites has increased. One of the major tasks that an e-commerce website should perform for being successful is that it should be at the top position on the search engines. The page rank of an e-commerce website can be increased by using a proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing the page rank of a website on any search engine. This is done by using many ways such as tags, back links and various other SEO tactics that gives the desired result of high page rank to the website. There are many e-commerce websites in the world and one has to always keep on refreshing the website with more and more SEO techniques to increase or to maintain the page rank of the website. The increase in page rank would mean that more and more traffic would be transferred to the e-commerce website and if the website has a high conversion ratio than the net profit of the website will increase. Therefore, all the e-commerce websites try their best to fresh their pages for providing SEO. The different ways by which an e-commerce website can have SEO are as follows:


An e-commerce website can provide SEO by using the feedback provided by the viewers and customers. The website should contain ways that let the viewer write a review about a particular product or service provided by the e-commerce website. This will help the website by providing information about how the customers react to a specific product and thus it will help in refreshing the website with new products and services. This will ultimately provide high page rank to the website and also provide SEO to the website.

Deals and Special Offers:

SEO - Deals and Special Offers

An e-commerce website can increase its page rank by providing various deals and offers frequently. Often, the people can attracted towards deals on various products and they can even buy the product or service if they require it. Special offers help the e-commerce website to increase its page rank because often people like to search for special offers and deals provided for a specific product or service. By keeping the website fresh from new products and services, one can easily provide search engine optimization to the website.

Latest Products:

Another important factor for providing SEO to an e-commerce website is by having the latest products and commodities. By keeping the website up-to-date with the latest products one can increase the number of customers and also provide the desired SEO to the website.


An e-commerce website or organization can easily increase it page rank by using the above mentioned techniques and thus provide SEO to the website.

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