February 22, 2024
Lets Find Out How to Make Your Patio Winter Ready

Patios are versatile and excellent places to relax and spend time with family and loved ones. For those who live in cold countries, your patio isn’t of much use during harsh winter months. To make your patio furniture and plants last longer, it is absolutely vital to protect your patio during extreme cold weather conditions. In Today’s article we are going to find out how to make Patio Winter Ready, lets find out how.

Guarding your Patio Furniture:

Guarding your patio furniture
Guarding your patio furniture

Before you start preparing you patio for the winter, clean it thoroughly. It is important to ensure there is not dirt or residue on your furniture when you store it away during the winter.

Patio furniture may be able to withstand the winter but the soft furnishing that accompanies it may not be able to withstand the cold. Weatherproof covers are a great way to protect your cushions from snow storms. These covers come designed to cover your furniture as well. It will delay rusting and rotting.

It is best to remove all cloth fittings if possible, wash and dry them and carefully store them inside. If you have some small pieces of furniture that can also be moved inside, doing so would be idea. For the rest, use covers that fit snugly and will not allow any rain or snow inside. Resin patio furniture can just be wiped clean with warm soap water.

Remember to check your covers carefully to ensure they are intact and free of holes or any other damage that could facilitate leakage.

Depending on the material your furniture is made from, it will need different kinds of treatment. You can protect your wood furniture additionally by coating it with a protective layer of paint or furniture protective agents, available at hardware stores.

Protecting Accessories:

Protecting accessories
Protecting accessories

Accessories that are small can all be filled into a plastic container and stored carefully. Remember to label the container before keeping it away. Remember to remove all metal items, wall hangings and pieces of art as they will rust if left outside in the winter months.

Preparing your Patio Garden for Winter:

Preparing your patio garden for winter
Preparing your patio garden for winter

Check all your plants for diseases and insects, prune the plants that need it. You should begin preparing your plants for winter a little before winter actually arrive. For instance, place a plant that requires full sunlight in a spot with partial sunlight.

Bring your plants inside the house once winter begins and give them about two weeks to adjust. Some leaves may die because of the change in environments. Palms, begonias, herbs and ferns are common plants brought inside from the patio during harsh winter months.

Make sure your plants are not root bound, turn the pot upside down and remove the entire plant with the soil from the pot. Water the plants thoroughly while they are inside. It is always better to have plants that are in pots as they are easy to shift inside during winter.

If your garden has plants that cannot be relocated, covering them with plastic is a great way to protect them from the harsh cold. This will keep out the snow and also keep the plants a bit warmer.

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