Success Roadmap for Design Industry’s Fresh Recruits

In old times due to less exposure, there was less guidance available for anyone who was about to become a part of rat race. Finding a job as a fresh graduate is really difficult but settling in on that new job is even more difficult. When I started my first job, I was totally unaware of workplace rules and regulations and unfortunately, there was no one to guide me through the whole procedure. We do see a lot of articles over the internet on finding a new job in Design Industry’s but no one is making an effort to guide newbies to adjust in successfully.

In this article I will be providing a few tips for newly-hired Junior/entry level designers to survive into the new workplace successfully.

Show Curiosity:

Show Curiosity - Design Industry
Show Curiosity

We all reluctant to ask questions about anything whenever we are at a new place. A simple reason would be that we do not want come across as stupid by asking simple questions. But, sometimes these simple questions are what we badly need answers for. So, the first tip would be to ask as many questions as you have in your mind. This might sound a little intimidating for a new workplace but trust me this is going to help you in settling down really quick.

I understand that you don’t want to give a bad impression but if you won’t ask you won’t learn and your impression will be ruined anyway in the longer run. If you will ask questions in the beginning your colleagues and your boss would appreciate the fact that you are interested in learning. So, ask questions so that there are no questions left unanswered.

Pen down Everything:

Design Industry - Pen down Everything
Pen down Everything

Since you will be a newbie, everyone will be guiding you on how to do stuff. So, get yourself ready for constant feedback and tips. Now, it is a common thing that you cannot remember everything said to you so make sure you note down everything. Any new points or any sort of critique your boss is giving, note it down in order to improve yourself. If you won’t take notes, you will be putting yourself and your efficiency in a bad position. You will leave an impression of being careless and then again, you won’t be able to incorporate given directions in your design because you won’t remember them. So, always remember that jotting down new ideas, suggestions is very important to always keep a pen and notepad with you.

Take Initiatives to Get Feedback:

Take Initiatives to Get Feedback
Take Initiatives to Get Feedback

Do not come across as a lazy newbie on your new workplace. You have to come across as an eager learner which is exactly why do not hesitate to ask for feedback instead of waiting for your bosses to come up to you and give their feedback and that too when there is an issue. It can affect your efficiency and your reputation as well. Your boss or manager will really appreciate your initiative and if you keep on doing this, you will be making work easy for yourself. This is a great way to get rid of any kinks that existed in the first place.

Develop a Cordial Relation with Your Colleagues:

Develop a Cordial Relation with Your Colleagues Design Industry
Develop a Cordial Relation with Your Colleagues

Do not reserve yourself from the surroundings and your co-workers. This will definitely leave a very bad impression of yours. Now, I am not telling you to get extra friendly right after joining but try your best to get to know your co-workers. You can even get on cordial terms with your immediate boss as there is no harm in it. Also, being a designer, you will have to coordinate with people from all departments so make sure you do not hesitate in doing so. You should be the one to break the ice just in case other people are too busy to do so. You will make things easier for yourself and for others as well.



Socializing outside office with your coworkers can really help too. Since, you will be the youngest lot in your office being a fresh graduate, your likes and dislikes are bound to be different from those around you. But, it should definitely not stop you from being on good terms with them. If you will try, you will definitely find something common between you and other coworkers. You can always make an effort to take interest in their hobby and invite them over to your place to show them the good side of you. Getting to know your coworkers outside office environment really helps in improving your office environment.

Get Organized:

Get Organized
Get Organized

Organizing your work can really take off the burden of your shoulders. Since you will be a designer, most of your work would be on Photoshop or other relevant design programs. The best part about these designing software is that they allow a designer to layer their designs hence making life a lot easier. Yes, the problem occurs when you to organize and rename those files. Not doing so should never be an option because you never know when you might need a layer on immediate basis because your boss needs it and you should not embarrass yourself by digging deep into piles of layers. Just to be on the safe side, stay organized from the beginning.

Research Helps:

Research Helps
Research Helps

Just because you are a designer does not mean that you should only stick to designing and aesthetics. Your work is also closely associated with marketing because whatever you design will be displayed to a huge number of people. While designing, you should do a good research on marketing approach so you can mix and match your creative and marketing approach to come up with something extra ordinary. Also, research will help you in staying up-to-date regarding the new developments in your industry. Stay active, stay informed and you will realize that people will respect you for being the first one to know everything.

Speak Up:

Speak Up
Speak Up

It is good to respect your managers and their opinions however, sometimes it would be necessary for you to speak up in order to convey your message. This, in no way means that you should be disrespectful but standing by your opinion is very important. Getting your message, issues across is indeed important so stop worrying that people will judge you on this. It is your right to speak up but be sure to define your limits.

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