Negative Social Media Feedback: 5 Ways To Handle It

5 Ways To Handle Negative Social Media Feedback

There are many benefits to having your business on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, however when a fan, follower or customer is not pleased it’s there for the whole world to see. Don’t panic and remain calm, here are 5 ways to handle negative Social Media feedback:

Respond Quickly:

You know in social media and business its best that you keep constant watch of your page. You want to make sure that you quickly respond to questions and interact regularly with your customers. When a negative comment is posted, the sooner you address it the better. Do not wait and immediately respond on the comment that was posted.

Negative Social Media Feedback

Do Not Erase:

As much as you want to delete the comment and move on, you can’t. Deleting the comment will only annoy the upset customer more and by deleting it shows that you believe that you have done something wrong. The only instance you should delete the comment if it contains inappropriate language or anything of the threatening nature. In that case take a screen shot of the comment before deleting it for future references and any legal matters.

Take It Off Screen:

Guide the upset customer off screen or offline. Respond to the comment in a mature way and kindly ask them to email you their phone number so that you may ‘handle the situation at hand’. You want to get them off the screen as soon as possible to prevent further negative comments.

Be Careful With Your Apology:

You learn in business 101 if you apologize, you are admitting that you have done something wrong. Be careful with the words you choose to use when you are apologizing. It’s a tricky and fine line to walk, if you know that you have done nothing wrong avoid an apology but if they are truly upset apologize without admittance Use statements like this ‘We understand, please send us your phone number and email so we can speak in more depth.’

Remain Positive:

As hard it is to handle a negative person but you must remain calm and always remain positive. All social media feedback needs to reflect your business’s mission. Do not let one customer’s opinion affect your mindset. You can’t always please everyone, take from their negativity and learn from it. Figure out how to avoid it for the next time and don’t let it bring you down.

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