On Page SEO

On page SEO can be very effective in driving a lot of traffic to your blog or to your website. However, as the search engine employs newer algorithms to identify the best and relevant websites for certain keywords, some of the well known on page SEO may no longer be as hot as they used to be in the past.

Heading 1 tags:

Not many people like to fiddle with the heading 1 tags, but including some clever keywords in these tags can be helpful. Do not believe that they will make that big a difference for your website traffic. They work, they have a certain effect, but they are not by far the most important on page SEO factor you should care about.

On Page SEO

Using Title Tags:

Title tags, on the other hand, are a much more important on page SEO factor that you should not neglect by any means. The title tags appear in the top part of the screen in your browser, once you open your website. As you can easily see, they are quite important and relevant for SEO purposes. Here are some ideas on how to use title tags for SEO in creative ways:

  • Include your most important keywords. In case you are working with more keywords, you can introduce the primary keyword, and then the secondary keyword, separating them with a dash, so that they are interpreted as distinct entities by search engines.
  • Keep in mind that your title tags also represent you in search result. While SEO is important, it is never wise to forget about the human factor. Do not just over-stuff your title tags with keywords, put them in a phrase that makes sense, as this will surely attract more visitors than a list of keywords that do not seem to have any natural connection to one another.
  • Use different title tags for each page on your website. Not only because it would be boring, but also because it would prevent you from using effective SEO techniques for your website. If you use creative title tags for your pages, you will have more chances to appear more often in search results.
  • Lose the website name from the title tag. Including the name of your website in a title tag is not an inspired choice. Too few, if any people will look exactly for the name of your website, so do not waste precious space that you can use for keywords, instead.

Keyword Placement:

Among on page SEO factors that used to be hot in the past and now are not that hot, keyword placement seems to be on top of the list. There is no longer a need for stuffing your content with keywords. While including them is necessary, so that search engines can index your pages, making natural content that flows well is much more important than repeating the same keyword ten times. Actually, search engines are now very much aware of keyword stuffing and punish websites that try to use it as a technique to draw more visitors.

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  1. what factors do you take in when deciding whether you can beat them does it matter how long its been in google first page, is there seo weak, whether its ecommerce or not?

  2. to use tags of strong, em, title in links as you said, alt in picture is important. Also page speed, newly posts, clean ftp and so on are most importan on site SEO for me.

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