Facts about Vinyl Banner Printing

Banners are large format printouts and are considered as a great way to advertise and create exposure for businesses. They’re made in various sizes and designs, and can be seen indoors or outdoors. One type of banner that most businesses use these days is vinyl. Vinyl banners are basically designed for the outdoors. They’re made out of heavy weight vinyl material which is also technically known as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is a plastic material widely used in construction. It can also be made more flexible and softer, like in banners. Because vinyl is affordable and durable, vinyl banners have become one of the most sought-after and most effective print collaterals used for marketing purposes. They’re an in-demand, versatile, and low-cost form of advertising.

Vinyl Banner Printing:

Different businesses, companies, organizations, and groups are resorting to vinyl banner printing whenever they’d like to send out a message to the public or to their specific target market. Whether the message is for marketing, advertising, public awareness, or public relations purposes, vinyl banners have become a typical medium for such firms. Even small or medium-scale businesses and non-profit organizations are turning to vinyl banners for their much needed exposure or announcements. Despite the unceasing popularity of the Internet and social media, the power of vinyl banners (and outdoor advertising in general) is still clearly evident.

Digital Banner Printing:

Digital banner printing has made production of vinyl banners quite fast and easy. It’s the most modern and most typical method of producing vinyl banners today. Digitally printed vinyl banners would not be possible if it weren’t for large automated inkjet printers. The most common inks used are aqueous or water-based as well as the more durable, weather resistant, and UV resistant types like eco-solvent, solvent based, and UV-curable.

What’s great about digital banner printing is that it makes the design and production of vinyl banners much easier and faster. Designs and layouts can be created via the computer then the final design will be printed out in whatever size required. Some of the high-end large format inkjet printers can print up to 3,000 square feet or 280 square meters every hour.

Other Types:

The other types of vinyl banners are lettered, screen printed, and painted. Lettered vinyl banners are the types in which individual design elements such as images and letters are etched out of the self-adhesive vinyl through computerized vinyl cutter. Screen printed vinyl banners are created through the silk-screening process, like the one used in T-shirts. In screen printing, a sharp-edged image is produced via stencil. The image is then transferred onto the surface of vinyl material by pushing ink through the silk screen one color at a time. It can be done manually or with the help of multi-color screen presses. Painted vinyl banners, as the name suggests, are banners in which the image and texts are hand-painted. These banners are almost obsolete because of the existence of large format digital printers.

The growth in technology has created a similar growth in banner printing, but despite the change in the way vinyl banners are made, vinyl banners still remain as one of the most valuable marketing tools today.

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