Graphic Designing Software – What You Need To Know

Graphic designing is, no doubt, a unique and diversified addition to the field of software technology that has helped man picture his wide range of imagination and creative instincts. In graphic designing one makes use of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce something. We find many instances of graphic designing in our daily life in the form of cartoons, story books, newspapers, advertisements, billboards, flyers, pamphlets, movies, logos, etc. This importance of graphic designing has attracted many amongst us to have a fair knowledge of this art. Some people are in need of a guidance regarding which software are the best in bringing out what they want to represent. We can simply categorize the best software programs in terms of their popularity and use in a professional environment, whether by freelance designers or within an organization. Here is a list of some of the most widely appreciated and used graphic designing software:

Adobe Creative Suite 5.5:

The adobe creative suite consists of extra-ordinary functions and has the latest versions of the following software that can aid you in developing many different graphics of your choice:

  • Photoshop:

It helps in web and print designing and provides assistance in editing photos, creating text effects and web banners.

  • Illustrator:

It is used for designing logos, illustrations, website buttons, etc.

  • In Design:

This is used for printing brochures, page and book layouts.

  • Flash:

Flash is a renowned software for creating animated interactive web sites, buttons, banners, and personal presentation.

  • Acrobat:

Acrobat provides tools for editing PDF files and enhances their value.

  • Dreamweaver:

It is used for website development.

Convenience in Using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5:

It may take you some time to learn a few of the Adobe’s features and tools, but once you are done with this, it gives you a good time playing with Adobe’s tools and creating wonderful graphics.

Corel Draw Graphic Suite:

Corel Draw has provided us with new technology in mobile applications and 3D technology. It minimizes our time when designing a logo, cartoon, poster, or a flyer. Its superior vector illustration and page layout differentiates it from other software. The versatility that we find in its drawing and tracing tools cannot be found anywhere else. Its professional photo editing capabilities, powerful web graphics and animation add more to its distinctive features.

Corel Draw Graphic Suite comprises six applications:

  • Corel Photo-Paint X6:

It serves image editing.

  • Corel Draw X6:

It is a vector illustration and page layout application.

  • Corel Power Trace X6:

It gives bitmap-to-vector transformation.

  • Corel Capture X6:

It provides one-click screen capture.

  • Corel Connect X6:

It is a browser to search digital content on Flickr, Fotolia and Istock Photo.

  • Corel Website Creator X6:

It is a software for creating new website.

Convenience in Using Corel Draw Graphic Suite:

If you have no or little experience in using design software, you will find Corel a bit difficult to use at first. But the reading of manuals provided by Corel will solve your problems to a great extent and the video tutorials will also provide answers to your queries.

Xara Designer Pro 7:

The Xara Designer Pro 7 is well-known for being user-friendly and giving fast service. The main features that it offers include auto-enhance, cropping, photo tool, magically erases and adjustment of brightness levels. Also, it has a great number of tools designed to make web pages and web sites. Its design gallery consists of templates for photo albums, collages, invitations, photo calendars, brochures, flyers, newspapers, business cards, greeting cards, and many more. This exclusive software helps edit layout pages and photos for online and print media both. It also enables you to create vector images that contribute in giving your publications a professional look. To put it the other way, the 3D technology and web-publishing services that we find in Xara are not so common in any other software.

Convenience in Using Xara Designer Pro 7:

When compared with any other graphic design software available in the market, Xara is not that extraordinary. But what adds to its value is its user-friendly nature. You don’t need to go through the manual many a time to learn it. With a very little knowledge, you can create marvels using this software.

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