Hot Google Page Rank Secrets: Hot Links

To get high page rank, copywriting, quality content and SEO aren’t enough. The real help comes from hot links from other web sites with high page ranks themselves. Get these sites to link you to you and you’ve found the hottest Google Page Rank secret of all. Here’s how. 

1. Make contributions to They add a “tip jar” to your profile page so readers who enjoy your reports can support you by clicking on it. The tips are paid to you via PayPal. PR: 6

2. Get a blog and link to your site.

3. Discuss news & current affairs at and use their rich-text editor to make a link.

4. Use the signature feature in, Google Earth’s forums to post your web site.

5. At, provide a web site address in your account. It will show in your posts with your name.

6. Do the same with your profile in

7. Repeat the process with PR: 6

8. At, you can comment on news stories while using links to get high page rank. Make sure your comments are relevant. The hot secret of Google page rank hot links is that you want the reader to believe you’re an unbiased expert and your link has the info they need. Don’t disappoint them.

9. Keep an eye on the news at and make your presence felt as well. PR: 7

10. Yet another blog site, can be exploited through the signature feature. Link to the page you want to get high page rank for.

11. At there are plenty of ways to get high page rank. Use the profile page, join the forums and comment on their blogs. If you’re competent about the issue, it is more acceptable to post links. PR: 8

12. has been around for a while. Join their large community and link your account name to your website.

13. Let your voice be heard on Of course, it doesn’t hurt to include your website address. PR: 8

14. There is a comment space on where it’s okay to post a link to your web site. PR: 8

15. Still up for more social networking? Join

16. has good PR: 7. Anything within the 10 top page ranks is useful. Post comments on their blogs and don’t forget your website URL in your post.

17. Do the same at PR: 7

18. Another blog site, lets you do the same. This is Time Warner / CNN’s. PR: 7

19. Are you a TV junkie? Use it to your web site’s benefit. Join Use the comment box to post your URL in.

20. Same in Post the URL in the comment field itself.

To use these sites well to get high Google Page Rank, use common sense. DO NOT spam the boards. Make pertinent comments only. Spamming can get your IP banned. It can also attract the wrong kind of attention to your site. If you draw people to it through misleading posts, they’ll look around for a second and leave. Your sole reward would be your bandwidth going to waste. Use this hot Google Page Rank secret wisely!

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