How People are Saving Money on Printer Cartridges

Those with limited budgets are always looking for ways to save money on printer cartridges. Cost of printers has gone down, but not the cartridges. If you have to print a lot, you’ll quickly realize how expensive they are. But people have discovered many ways to cut on costs.

Tip 1: Use Refilled Ink Cartridges:

Instead of buying new ones, just take those empty cartridges to retailers that offer refilling services. This will cost much less than buying a new one. The savings can in fact be significant. The best thing about this is that cartridges can be refilled many times. If the cartridge is in good condition, it can be refilled half a dozen times. The good news is that the quality is still pretty good.

Saving Money on Printer Cartridges

Tip 2: Purchase Compatible Types:

There is no need to buy the pricey name-brand printer ink cartridges of the manufacturer. There are numerous retailers that sell compatible products. In other words, you can buy a generic version of the cartridge for your printer. These are way cheaper than those that come from the manufacturer.

Tip 3: Purchase Re-manufactured Cartridges:

These cartridges are those that have been refilled, recycled and then sold again. If you buy these, don’t be surprised if they are cheaper by as much as 60%. While some are sold in retail outlets, the Majority can be bought on the Internet.

Tip 4: Purchase Printer Cartridges Ink Refill Kit:

This is for those who like to do things DIY style. With this kit you can fill those cartridges yourself. Make sure that the kit is designed for your printer. This is not as expensive as going to a retail store and ordering a refill over and over. However, you must know what you are doing; the process can be messy.

Tip 5: Cartridge Recycling:

It doesn’t matter if you like to purchase new cartridges; just make an effort to recycle them. There are places that offer rewards to those who do this. These programs usually offer $3 in coupons or store credit when you turn over a cartridge. There are also nonprofits organizations and schools that gather spent cartridges. The major brands don’t charge for shipping when recycling these, but you won’t get paid. The policy may vary per manufacturer so check them out.

Tip 6: Use Draft Printing or Gray-scale:

If you don’t need a high quality output, then set the printer settings to “draft”. This will reduce the amount of ink being used, prolonging its life. The same thing can be said for printing in gray-scale. If color is not necessary, print only in black and white. Color cartridges are more expensive.

Other Information:

Most of these tips are aimed at ink cartridges, but many of them will also work with toner types. The difference between the two is that ink types are filled with liquid while a toner is stuffed with powder. Toners are used on laser printers. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges. If you are using toner cartridges and want to buy a refill kit, make sure that they are compatible.

The simplest method to save money on print cartridges is of course to just print less. But that isn’t always possible. But by following the tips above, you should be able to save a handful of cash, not to mention help the planet too.

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