How to Dress Out Your Website In A Very Short Time Period

Making a website isn’t anymore an easy job and to Dress Out your Website is a bit tougher job, at the beginning it was the job of youngsters passionate about computers, nowadays it requires a team and a lot of time to realize a good job. Fortunately, the essence remains the same: to satisfy the necessities of the users and while they are just other people as you, it’s not rocket science to determine their desires. On the other hand, it’s impossible to make content all the website’s visitors and it remains the main issue of the web design community.

Personally, I consider that the essence of the website‘s creation was, is and will be the same, no matter how sophisticated will be the coding languages used. It sounds a little bit crazy, but the theory behind any online presences may be easily compared with the way people are dressing. In fact there are many common facts that are easily neglected: both domains are strictly connected to the visual power, the user is situated at the cornerstone of any creation, it’s about style and personal perspective and so on. If you are still unconvinced about, follow the similitude presented below and please let me know if you agree with me.

How to Dress Out Your Website

1. The Clothes Must Make Feel Good the User:

No matter how cool is a piece of clothing, if it is uncomfortable and doesn’t satisfy the tastes of the buyers, it won’t be appreciated and won’t be dressed. The same fate has also a website, if it isn’t built having the user in mind, then it’s on track to failure.

The common conclusion is that a website and a piece of clothing are created for a user and the tastes of the creators are left behind. Any item in your layouts must respond to some banal but important questions as “will improve the state of the common user”, “is it useful for him”, “is he understanding this aspect” and so on. Willing or not, these are questions very common to any fashion designer.

2. Usability is a Top Priority:

Would you ever wear a pullover that is difficult to clothe and is very incommode? I am in doubt; honestly I wouldn’t. The same idea must be applied to your websites, will be these appreciated by someone if is lacking the usability? People will run away from any website, no matter how cool it is, due to the usability issues. Much more, the common idea is that a quality website must be very usable, therefore any lack of usability is interpreted by the users as a serious mistake.

3. The Items are Forming a Common Entity:

Before you are dressing I believe that you study the different pieces of clothes to see if they are properly matching. I mean that you won’t ever dress completely in stringent pink to fatigue the eyes of viewers, surely will try to combine the colors in your advantage. More exactly, you take into consideration the relationship between the colors of the jeans and the T-shirt before equipping. The same, I am sure that you try to dress respecting a style, I am sure you won’t wear a fancy flat cap “matching” a formal shirt and a black tie.

The amateur designers use to combine the styles into a single layout which of course is wrong and totally unaesthetic. In conclusion, think of your clothing when you are creating layouts!

4. Your Clothes must Reflect your Style:

I think that none will appreciate if you are working into a bank and you are dressed as you were at the last performance of Black Eyed Peas. Every situation determines a special style and you must dress accordingly. Briefly, the clothes must match to the style owner.

When designing the websites layouts this idea should be totally followed. Inserting a mix of styles won’t make the layout appreciated by everyone, I am afraid it will be just a source of comic and nothing more.

5. Just few People Manage to Became Style Stars:

We all appreciate the original solutions but not everyone may be Lady Gaga. Yep, being original is mandatory to be noticed, but being original only for the sake of the originality isn’t an advantage. The fashion designers named the people that have a great influence in the way of dressing “trend setters”- they are very few. I will not discourage to dream but think twice before creating your original style and crafting layouts or clothes according to it. Establishing a personal style must be the result of great work and experience; I hope that you get my idea.

6. Tailor and Test:

The clothier and the web designer are human beings and it’s quite normally to make from times to times mistakes. There is nothing unprofessional; the real matter is not to correct these. A very good method of checking the possibility of having errors is to test. Testing is welcomed in both domains; the more, the better. Another important best practice is to test the clothes or the websites in the initial stages, else even if you notice the mistakes will be difficult/impossible to correct.

7. There is no Shame to Ask the Help of a Specialist:

Creating websites and clothing engage the support of viewers and is demonstrated that is impossible to satisfy all of them. Anyway, here is about subjectivity and none may guarantee that something will be appreciated or not by people. Under these circumstances, there is no shame to ask for the help of someone more experienced.  Fortunately, the web design community is very mildness and surely someone will help you.

Do you agree these points about Dress Out Your Website? Do you have other similitude? Please share your opinions via comment form.

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