How to Update WordPress

It is good to start your blogging career with WordPress. Many people like it just because of its extraordinary functions. Updating any sort of software is necessary to use full and updated features of that software. So, to Update WordPress is also required. It is better to switch to the latest version because all the new functions and designs will make you start loving the WordPress.

All files and folders will be affected when you are going to upgrade WordPress. If you have made any changes in the plugins “Hello Dolly and Akismet” and in themes “2010 and 2011”, then your changes will be lost due to the up gradation process. Here, we are going to discuss some tips regarding WordPress updating.

Update WordPress

Before Updating:

1) First of all for updating WordPress, it is necessary to check the minimum requirements before going to update. The minimum requirements include checking whether the web host has the required PHP and MySQL versions.

2) After this, the main thing which you have to do is to create a backup of your files, posts and pages etc. Copies of your posts and pages will be saved and whenever you want to access to the older posts and pages, this backup will provide you all the older stuff.

3) The last thing which is required to do before updating WordPress is to disable your plugins. It is useful to disable plugins because using an updated WordPress version and at the same time using older plugins may cause some sort of problems. So, it is wise to disable the previous plugins before going to update WordPress.

Now, there is a backup of your files, posts and pages and you have also disabled your plugins. So, you can now start the upgrade process. You may use an Automatic update method because it is very easy and you may also use Manual update method. Its all depend on you.


1) Automatic Update Method:

WordPress version of 2.7+ contains an automatic update feature. Just simply click on an automatic update button. You don’t have to do anything during the update process just sit and watch, your WordPress will be updated. For an automatic update, your file permissions and ownership must be satisfied. If you are not using PHP5, then your automatic update will not work. If you have made any change in the themes like “2010 and 2011”, then the manual update will be suitable for you because all the changes will go into waste.

2) Manual Update Method:

First of all download the latest WordPress zip file. Then unzip it. Your plugins must be deactivated. Remove the old directories of wp-admin and wp-includes and through FTP, upload the new ones to your web host.

If you have failed to use automatic update method then delete .maintenance file through FTP. Then go to the admin page and if your database requires any upgrading then WordPress will notify you and after following the instructions your backup files will be updated.

Thus, updating your WordPress is essential to make use of all the upgraded functions which will provide you new ways of blogging.

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