Joomla’s Features Comprehensive Dissection

Joomla’s Features Comprehensive Dissection

Joomla! currently powers over 3% of the entire internet and around 7% of all content managed websites. Websites ranging from small blogs to large Fortune 500 companies worldwide use Joomla’s Features.  The market for Content Management System (CMS) is very fluid and highly competitive. CMS actually are computer software that helps you load, edit, publish and do what not with your online data. In the same business market comes Joomla, a top Web Content Management System in the contemporary market. To top it all it is an open source content management framework which is based on PHP and MySQL and follows MVC Application Framework.

Joomla was previously a part of Mambo; however both the parties parted ways among concerns over the open source nature of the project. The CEO, Peter Lamont took the market pulse in mind through excessive user’s response on how the prospect of the project should look like and make its way into the future. Birth of Joomla in September 2005 was result of user feedback received through OPENSOURCEMATTERS website, where plenty of support was expressed for the new project. The amount of weightage given to market end of the project can be ascertained from the fact that the name JOOMLA, itself has distilled from user feedback.  The Arabic root word on which the name is based means “all together”, which is ironically an imperative scheme for this web design project.

Joomla’s Features

Released on September 7, year 2005 the primary Joomla interface had a very positive reception and was met with immense reviews. Since then, there has been no looking back and Joomla has proved to be a pioneer in the field of open source design, providing the designers with the prospect to do things their way. Success of Joomla has invited my followers on the same path, trying to follow Joomla blueprint, and has brought extensive brand recognition among the select loot who deals with web designing on daily basis. The latest update that has been made available on the internet is dated July 22, 2009, adding to a number of improvements that have been released since 2005. There needs no telling that, Joomla now happens to be the Internet’s most accepted and admired open source design portal.

Explained below are the basic features of Joomla:-

Overview -Joomla’s Features:

  • Practical graphical administrative user interface.
  • Robust WYSIWYG Editor which allows creating and editing of pages.
  • No requirement for high end tech knowledge to supervise back-end.
  • Simple ways to easily update the site
  • Preview content option is available as you work, without even publishing.
  • Built-in website search engine
  • you can create, publish, edit, and rerecord your content with various clicks
  • Easy menu creation as well as manipulation.
  •  Print-format (PDF) and Email-a-friend for selected article and story
  • The Content hierarchy structure is fully manageable and editable.
  • Supports creation of flat or nested content hierarchies.
  • User friendly media (images, documents) upload and management.
  • Search engine friendly (SEF) URLs.

Along with the listed features, you would experience a user friendliness with Joomla that would convince you that it is the best software available for making websites.

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