The Best Time to Incorporate Ads on Your Blog and Start Earning

Best Time to Incorporate Ads

Starting from a small portal, professional blogging has expanded to huge extent in a matter of only a few years. We can see a good many success stories of some famous professionals blog who achieved overnight popularity. Take any hobby or profession that you possibly can imagine and you will find a network of online content that is thriving and spanning nearly everywhere. There is one major source that plays the driving force behind all this, and that is ad revenue. Virtually all of them or mainly the ones who have profitability as their focus are dependent on online advertisements for their revenues. And if that ad revenue is rewarding and consistent, it is like sacred for the members of the blogging world.

It is not an easy task to know and decide when and how to integrate ads in your blog. Today we have brought you an article that will help you understand the world for ads for blogs and what time is right for you to start adding them on your site keeping in view the available options. But first you need to know the importance of ads for a blog.

Importance of Ads for Your Blog:

Importance of Ads for Your Blog
Importance of Ads for Your Blog

If you are providing information on any subject, why do it for free when you are spending your time and effort on it. Blogging is a good platform to earn money through ads. Advertising on blogs is free, especially where is it banner advertising. And they really do make money if you have chosen the right kind of advertisers and there is a good amount of traffic coming to your sites.

There are basically three types of ads that are used to make money for a blog.

  • Pay-per-click: the blogger gets the money from the advertiser every time someone clicks on the ad.
  • Pay-per-impression: the blogger gets payment from the advertiser each time an advertisement is displayed on the page
  • Pay-per-action: the blogger gets money every time someone clicks on an ad and furthers an action such as makes a purchase.

Best Time to Incorporate Ads:

Best Time to Incorporate Ads
Best Time to Incorporate Ads

Every year, a whole lot of hopeful entrepreneurs create their websites expecting that they will be earning a lot through ad-revenue. However, a significant number of these do not make it far and fail to gain any substantial profits. One major reason for such a failure is to misunderstand the working of internet. Below we have listed some of the common misconceptions about internet as a money making tool and how it effects an ad-supported site.

Before you even set out on starting a website, you should know that internet is not a place where you can come with a dream of making insane money and see it fulfilled. Internet is not a fairy tale land where a fairy spreads money to every good website. In fact, internet is like a large, over-populated city where you have to do business. And that city is filled with slums as well as skyscrapers while you stand on the outskirts looking over the endless number of vicious competitors without so much as an identity to announce your entry into that world.

Produce Traffic:

Produce Traffic of Blog
Produce Traffic

Popularity won’t come to you with simply possessing a domain. You will have to ponder on one important question: how to bring traffic to your blog! More often, it is overlooked though it is an obvious aspect of making money through online content. This is how it works: if you have a lot of visitors coming to your site, advertisers will pay you to put up their ad on your site, otherwise you don’t have much luck.

Now we are not here to tell you how to generate traffic as it is a completely different thing but you should not think of integrating ads to your blog until you have gained a decent following. Now it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have this goal in mind right from the start, its only that you need to focus on promoting your site in the vast world of internet first, make a standing and a following and then come up with ads. As for how much traffic you should generate, it basically depends upon the revenue you are seeking, the best practice is to start it slowly. One your blog is stable with traffic of 100-150 visitors every day; you can do with an ad or two. As traffic increases, you can also increase the number of ads and categorize them according to their importance.

Special Attention to Ad Area Design:

Special Attention to Ad Area Design
Special Attention to Ad Area Design

While designing your website, if you think that you will want a lot of ads then you have to consider the ad area an important part of the design right from the start of the project. It is your choice whether you want the ad area to be a dominant part of the page or not. But even if it is a small portion, you have to place it in a way that it looks intentional.

There’s more to it than AdSense:

Blog - There’s more to it than AdSense
There’s more to it than AdSense

You must be aware of AdSense if you are into putting ads on your site but there are a lot of people out there are disillusioned by AdSense simply because it is a Google entity and is sure to be the only reliable one. Moreover, some are of the view that Google ads are sometimes recognizable and can get annoying and frustrating when the ads don’t even match the keywords that are used on your site. Therefore, some users have found other alternatives to be more profitable. Some are mentioned below.

Without a Source:

Without a Source
Without a Source

You don’t always need an outside source to sell the ad space on your site. You can simply put up an “advertise here” banner and that will get the job done just fine. It gives you freedom over the content you want to put up and charge whatever you want however, finding the right type or advertisers might be a difficult task and managing the ads yourself might consume a lot of your time.

With BuySellAds:

With BuySellAds Blog
With BuySellAds

BuySellAds might not be a very popular one but its ads are certainly widespread. This source works by targeting specific customers which consequently becomes a network of blog ads. May it be any kind of site, the system is very streamlined where advertisers pay a flat rate for an ad to be put up on a site for a month and are also given a related estimate.

To Conclude:

I think by this time you know all the basics about how to decide when to add advertisements to your website. You are now better equipped with all the information so that will help a lot in dealing with an important aspect of maintaining your blog. At the end of the day, you need to figure out what network or method is working best for your blog and how is it different from the advertising techniques of the past. Do not be overwhelmed with your options, the only thing you need to look for is whether you are happy with your return and then you are good to go.

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