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Simply put, Tumblr, founded in 2007, is a platform for you to share any content from anywhere. Think of it as a blog host and so whether it is writing, music, pictures, internet content or videos, you can post all of it from all your devices, including your PC, handheld device or cell phone. You can personalize everything and share space with talented, creative minds. Lets find out what is the Difference between Tumblr vs Twitter.


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Twitter is the micro-blogging site that gives you 140 characters to express what you feel. You can update as often as you’d like and you get to connect with people you admire and like-minded individuals.

When it comes to a battle between the two, both platforms have things going for them and some features that aren’t so great. Both platforms win when it comes to real time application. You can upload almost anything you want instantly which means all through the day or night you are connected to the world outside. Both work on the system of following or being followed by users and these users come from every imaginable walk of life. In fact, more Twitter users join each day because it is faster than other social media sites and that fits right in with the frenetic lives we seem to lead these days.

Another win is the need to say what you need to say and find an audience. You could think of Tumblr and Twitter as your average soap box in a park. The need to connect with another person who shares your views is inherent in all of us and both sites let you do just that.  Tumblr, unlike Twitter is largely anonymous which gives an added freedom to express views and engage in debate.


Tumblr vs Twitter

Where Tumblr wins over Twitter is the ease of use and what it offers. The former is easy to set up and maneuver through and offers all sorts of themes and possibilities in terms of links, content, text and chat logs. There is a cool grid-like option where users can visit your page and click on items to see what it throws up. Tumblr will also let you post audio files and that’s something not many players have to offer.

While Twitter is word-centric, it is good for video content and is famous for its video referral. Once you post the URL to a site you like, everybody gets to see it really easily. Tumblr has this option too.

An additional advantage of Tumblr is re-blogging where you can share content you like. If it’s your content being shared, you will receive private messages of the same. This will help you understand how popular your content is and find like-minded people. Each post you put online can be modified and added to or redefined. This makes it a living, vital repository of thoughts and feelings.

We are now hearing of Medium, a new blogging platform brought to us by the creators of Twitter, making for a great connect between the two sites. This blows the 140 characters limit right out of the water, making for even better communication. Once you see the name of the blogger, you get directed to their Twitter page and can learn more about them.

It’s a tough call when it comes to a choice between the two. Tumblr has reach,visual and creative appeal. Twitter is great for these hurried times. Explore both options and make up your mind. So going to wrap up Tumblr vs Twitter, hope you got some basic knowledge about these.


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