Why Adobe Photoshop is The Most Important Business Necessities?

Why Adobe Photoshop is One of the Most Important Business Necessities

If you still think Adobe Photoshop is only for prettifying photos, you are wrong. While it is still true that this image-enhancing software is the go-to editing software of many people and businesses, especially the creative bunch, Photoshop has become more than *just* a tool to erase blemishes and correct colors.

When I was in college, I had to learn Photoshop for my visual communication course. It wasn’t my first time hear about it and actually see what it looks like but I had a hard time. I had Photoshop in my personal computer at home but never really got my hands on and explored it as much. Yes, tried doing shapes, brushes, colors but never went beyond “doodling”, which I could do as well using MS Paint (ha!).

So, come said visual communication course, I was fumbling. I grew impatient with the tool, too. I thought, “I won’t be using this when I become a journalist, will I?!” Many years later, I am not a practicing journalist and use Photoshop regularly.

Adobe Photoshop

In my current work, the use of Photoshop is necessary because we incorporate graphic content to the websites we manage and it is where we make them with. Also as a consumer bombarded by images wherever I look, it might be safe to say that nothing has never been touched and enhanced by Adobe Photoshop. Why do you think it is beneficial and necessary for businesses to have and use Photoshop?

For Image and Graphic Content of Websites:

If you’re running a business, from wedding photography to finance consulting, and maintaining an online presence through a blog or official website, you need Photoshop. Today, having a strong and desirable online presence is crucial to every business and compelling images in your website gives readers the impression that you’re definitely taking your business seriously.

Most of the time, straight-from-camera-to-website transfer of photos isn’t true anymore. Almost always they go through a little tweaking – sharpening, adding some saturation, etc. But if you really want attractive images on your websites, Photoshop (with your brilliant skill and creativity, or your graphic designer’s) does the job. Likewise, you can make animations, like GIFs, and easy-to-digest infographics with it, too.

For Marketing Paraphernalia:

It’s common for businesses to have their marketing materials done by service providers such as printing presses. Have you thought that maybe you could save more and get the job done more efficiently if it’s done in-house?

Business cards, leaflets, logos, streamers and other advertising and marketing materials can be designed by your own skilled staff. You can just then submit them for printing.

For Cost Efficiency:

The above mentioned uses and benefits of Photoshop in businesses promote lowering outsourcing costs especially when you have your own skilled staff or team who can do the job just as well. Design jobs can be costly, but investing in your own Photoshop license allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of an in-house design resource.

Photoshop has popular siblings – Adobe Light room, Illustrator and Elements – all sharing some of Photoshop’s capabilities but at the same time, having their own unique characteristics and purposes. Nevertheless, Photoshop remains as popular as ever and, all the more, accessible, which in my opinion must be taken advantage by a myriad of businesses from different niches. What doesn’t involve images and visuals these days? Who doesn’t like attractive and well-edited pictures and graphics?

Just like many other things, Photoshop, when used over zealously, can be a tool of disaster and utter ridiculousness. Have you seen missing limbs and overly shrunk waists of models? Or perhaps cases of people and things added in and erased out of the photo? Although I trust you wouldn’t have to resort to such things, such situations happen and must be avoided at all cost.

Do you use Photoshop in your business? How has it helped you get ahead?

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