Surprising Way How Cloud Computing is Changing Education

Cloud Computing become more and more popular nowadays. In a series of cases they become really simple and sure way of saving money, time and human resources. Today’s topic is cloud computing, and I would like to share my thoughts about the subject with you in order to understand – what should we wait for in the nearest future and how will cloud solutions influence our life.

For example, a friend of mine from India was going to make a small business. For today he has been working for almost a year, and the starting capital included such expenses as system administrator salary, a big package of specialized software and powerful PCs in order to run that software properly. The overall budget was somewhat frightening, and we decided to pay some attention to cloud solutions. The conditions seemed really advantageous for us, and we decided to count the mathematics of the subject. The results were pretty good: after counting the budget that was necessary for the first variant, the second variant (I mean cloud computing) was really awesome – because the sum was a frank trifle, comparing to the previous one.

Idea of Cloud Computing:

Idea of Cloud Computing

In this way I have discovered the idea of cloud computing for me – the simple and elegant scheme for a smart user. Today my friend doesn’t have to upgrade the PCs, to buy new software and to make some more actions that lead to money loss. Everything is done really simply – he has only a group of specialists, who work on their PCs and once they come in the morning they connect to the server. The system is so good for him because the calculations, data processing and other stuff goes on the server and his employees only give commands to that server. The result are pretty positive – no headaches with software and PC to run that software for him, and yet the job is done accurately and in time.

Nowadays cloud computing becomes slowly available to education sphere. People begin to understand its amenities, and there seems like in the nearest years the whole process of teaching the students, their collective and individual works and laboratory works, libraries, homework and many other things are going to move to clouds.

The pros of such solution are visible and obvious. Today a lot of student in schools and colleges don’t really like to do their homework on their own selves, and in fact there is no 100% sure way of ensuring the fact that the kid or teen is really ready for the lesson. Cloud computing is much more profitable in such a case – because preparation, processing and results of the homework cannot be changed except by the administrator’s (teacher’s) directive.

This process is going to make cheaper the whole operation of educating a single person – a lot of natural resources are going to be saved, we’ll use practically no paper at all and the results are going to be a bit higher than they are today. Personally I am waiting eagerly for the cloud innovation that will bring about the improvement of education level.

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