Google Page Speed - An Important Tool for Reducing Your Hosting Cost

If you are tasked as a website manager, part of your job is to ensure that each and every visitor or user of the website has a good experience. This means that the content of the pages are useful, the style or design of the pages, with CSS and HTML, is practical, the add-ons and widgets are actually relevant, and even the advertisements displayed are helpful to the user. In order to find out which aspects of the website are helping the visitors and which should be removed, it is a good idea to use tools that will keep track of the users. This will enable you to recognize user preferences and form strategies to capitalize on this information and improve your website’s performance. One such tool that is very popular nowadays is the Google Page Speed Online.

Importance of Boosting the Performance of a Website: 

The high performance of a website is a major consideration in its design as well as user experience. It is important to make sure that the website loads well not only on your computer but also on other people’s machines. This means it should load fast even on lower bandwidth. Otherwise, you may lose a lot of visitors and potential clients. Text content does not have that much of an impact on website performance. It is the styles, scripts, and images that can cause the website to load longer. However, a website, particularly a business one, cannot have just columns and columns of texts on the pages. It needs pictures, videos, and widgets to make it appealing and functional. So how does one find balance between performance and useful content? It can be achieved by using a performance optimization tool.

Google Page Speed Online

Benefits of Choosing Google Page Speed Online: 

Google Page Speed Online is a powerful web-based tool that enables webmasters to analyze the performance of their website. The basis used for the assessment is the rules of best web performance practices established by Google. What this tool does is checks the website’s contents and then comes up with suggestions to optimize the performance of the site. These suggestions are meant to reduce the load time of each page. Each problematic aspect on each page can be categorized as high, medium, or low priority. This way, you’d know which one to tackle first. This works not only for the desktop form of the website but also for the mobile version. This is great as many people now use their handheld devices to view websites. The other benefit of using Google Page Speed Online is you can identify which aspect of your website you can do without. For example, if you put on a widget that is currently affecting your page’s load time but is deemed not really necessary, you may eliminate this without affecting the page’s functionality. This means you use up less resources and ultimately save on your hosting cost. Once you’ve established the actual optimal disk space and bandwidth requirements of your website, you can sign up for a cheaper hosting plan.

Steps in Using Page Speed Online: 

The first thing that you need to do after setting up the website is to go to the Page Speed Online site. Key in your website’s URL then click on the “Analyze” button. View the result page and look through the suggestions indicated. Perform the necessary changes on your website and then run the analysis again.

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