There are many reasons why guest blogging is not enough. There’s no question that it can be effective when it comes to getting referral traffic. But it is not a magic formula that will zoom your site ranking over the others.

Supplemental Tactic:

Guest posts cannot be used as the sole strategy. It is better to use it as a supplement to the rest of your strategies. The problem is that a lot of people use guest posts as an all in one solution to every aspect of their website. It’s true that rankings can increase, but there are a lot of things to consider. Relying on guest posts alone is not effective because the returns diminish.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

The most attractive part of guest posts is you can start quickly. You don’t have to create posts that nobody comments on. It’s also quite effective in building a traffic base. But this strategy has drawbacks. The first is you are limited to a single linking domain for every article. The second is the aforementioned reduced returns.

Content is King:

In the aftermath of Google’s Penguin update, the focus has shifted to producing great content. It’s a cliché, but content really is king on the Internet. It doesn’t matter how many times you guest post; if the content is worthless you will never build a readership base. But with quality content, your posts will engage readers. This in turn leads to superior referral traffic and email marketing.

There is an important point to remember here. Your guest post is more likely to be accepted if the main site has good content. You will pique the interest of the blogger and their readers. Second, your posts are going to be shared often. This is assuming the target site has information worth sharing.

If it isn’t obvious yet, credible content should be your primary concern. Links are important too because an isolated blog will never survive. Your website must be easy to navigate and well designed. Poor layouts will not encourage people to explore the site. As word spreads around, your site gets a traffic boost.

Benefits of Guest Posts:

If guest posts are well written, you won’t just get quality traffic. Your search engine authority and domain improve. Your influence and authority are enhanced, as are your portfolio and credibility.


Do not spam; you will never be able to make a guest post again and your website will be penalized heavily. Second, proofread your blog posts. Nothing is more embarrassing than having comments ridiculing your grammar. Site owners also don’t like guest posts that are sloppily written. If you don’t have the time to write, hire a qualified writer to do so. But make sure the contents are original. Software to check for plagiarized content is available.

Don’t put all the details in your guest post. It should be interesting of course. But you need to write so the reader will want to check your site out for more information.

Do not over link as it carries a penalty. You also need to use backlinks as search engines use them for indexing. This can be quite complicated, but there are professional services available that can do it for you.

While it’s clear why guest blogging is not enough, it is still a valuable resource. The point is that you need to use a lot of strategies to generate traffic. There is no question that a lot of work is required, but it is worth it.

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