How to Create a Free Mobile Version of Your Website

As the technology advances in a rapid rhythm, the need of information access is vital. Looking on the internet is now a daily routine, and whether we are in the park, or we are driving a car, with the help of smartphones, we can find the needed information in a moment. The smartphones are now just like mini personal computers, with an incorporated browser that is capable of displaying websites just like any other desktop PC. In this article we are not going to let you know how you can create a Free Mobile Version, but some important tips which may help you in this regard.

Because of the small dimensions of the mobile phone, looking and displaying information can’t be done in optimal conditions. This is why the majority of companies prefer to have a site specially designed for mobile platforms. Those companies understood how many clients they could attract because of a mobile website, but today, this facility is possible for you also.

Free Mobile Version of Your Website

Using Special Platforms to Create a Free Mobile Version:

  • easily administrated
  • efficient
  • cost effective

There are special mobile platforms that are made especially for companies that already have a website, but they want to create a mobile version for it. Those companies will make you a complete site, including design and optimization. Moreover, you can also find hosting companies that will host the mobile site, as you will have to know that mobile hosting is different from normal hosting. As for the process, you will probably need to compare the offers of several companies before finding one that really suits your needs.

In case you want several sites designed, you will benefit of a price reduction from the respective companies. Moreover, besides building and optimizing the website, you might also request other functionalities and offers. Here are some of the services that are commonly offered by the mobile web designing companies:

  • new methods to display the website
  • new templates
  • multiple languages

With the increasing number of smartphones sold at an international level, there is no wonder that the companies want to have such websites. Today, it is possible for smaller sites and even for personal blogs to benefit of such a site. According to the previsions of the analysts, the number of smartphones will grow, and soon, all the websites will need a mobile version. If you want to be smart and you want to anticipate this current, it is time to build a mobile version of your site just now.

What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is a version of the normal website that is optimized for a smartphone. This is made by optimizing the aspect of the website to suit the small screen of the phone. In some cases, a version for smartphones can include the reduction of the content, so the site would be easily navigated by the user. However, in this case, the designer must take care of the main ideas, and he must also make sure that the user is not annoyed by the aspect of the device. It is possible to make a mobile version for online stores, personal blogs, and agencies or for any other type of website.

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