February 22, 2024

Getting readers to comment on your blog is a challenging task. About 90 percent of blog readers are likely to browse write-ups a while and then go to the next article or blog or site. Thus, your almost daily challenge as a blog enthusiast is how to make your blog the talk of town online. 

Comments are solid proofs that a blog is relevant to a number of people. There’s even the chance that Google may consider the number of valid comments on a site as a sign of strength. And that may translate into an SEO benefit. So, a vital goal in blog making is how to get more comments on your articles. And here are some tips:

Write Informative Blogs:

Aside from putting in some key words or phrases, it’s important to write informative blog articles. Aim to make the articles unique through their unique information content. And this means diligent research. Put in what other blogs on the same topic don’t have yet. Offer something different to readers. That will send surfers chancing upon your blog as directories consider the strength of the blog in terms of informative content.

Then that will glue readers’ attention to the articles and goad them to comment. That’s one possibility on how to make your blog the talk of town, especially when readers start sharing your blog with others. But they will only do this if the articles become relevant to them and their friends. And the key here is new and interesting information.

Stimulate Thinking and Imagination:

Pose challenges to readers. Don’t just write opinions or about the things you’ve been doing in your life. Find out what discussions are trending in popular sites and write about them. That makes blogs relevant online and how to get more comments on your articles. For instance, Twitter has this trend feature where it displays topics trending on Twitter discussions. Make a relevant article and post it on Twitter. The chances of people clicking on such posts are high, and that also makes possible their commenting on the articles. That’s how to make your blog the talk of town.

Make Logging In Easy:

Most websites or blog sites have a log in feature to screen comments with. Readers will have to sign up first before they get the right to comment. This is good for security purposes and also to get site membership which is good for business sites. To ascertain that comments are really from different and real people, getting their email addresses is one way.

But make sure signing up and logging in do not become tiring tasks for them. If these processes become toilsome, they will easily get pissed off and forget about everything. One remedy for this is to use Face Book or Twitter accounts (or both) as sign up and log in details. It will be easier for them to enter the site and join in the conversation. That’s how to get more comments on your articles. Not only has that, their accounts on your site automatically produced avatars from said social networking sites.

Invite Them to Comment:

Some people will never come in without being invited. So, indicate there clearly on each article the invitation to “Please share your comment” or “Please join in the conversation.” It will help to always be the first to comment. That shows satisfaction from the writer about the write-up.

Join the “Town” Talk:

People making comments, or those about to comment, are more encouraged when the writer shows interest and appreciation to the comments given. Join the “town” talk! Make comments yourself, particularly in response to theirs. Nothing livens up a conversation like the host himself or herself entertaining the guests.

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