The Joomla community has unveiled the release of Joomla’s Mobile Optimized CMS latest version 3.0. It’s the latest launch of the widely recognized open source CMS i.e. Joomla that has been specially designed to best fir the mobile devices.

Joomla 3.0:

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that is used for creating, developing and designing websites, blogs and various web applications. Joomla has brought the latest technology in version 3.0 that enables it to display the websites perfectly on mobile phones. Content is displayed as clear as on a computer screen.

Joomla’s First Mobile Optimized CMS 3.0


The version 3.0 comes with the latest feature of PostgreSQL that is the new administrator interface and a template for front end. The incorporation of the PostgreSQL has led to a database independent content management system. The Joomla version 3.0 still supports MySQL server.

The Twitter Bootstrap:

The Joomla 3.o version incorporates Twitter Bootstrap. The Twitter Bootstrap is a tool kit that comes for free for developing and creating applications over web and to create websites and blogs. It consists of design templates (based on CSS) and HTML for fonts, colors, texts, web page navigation, and for many other interface parts. To create a mobile friendly version of Joomla was the ultimate aim for Joomla community; therefore they incorporated Twitter Bootstrap due to its immense popularity and recognition across the world. It was a big accomplishment to develop a mobile optimized version of Joomla as surfing the net over mobile devices is getting extremely common and it is estimated that by the end of year 2015, there will be more users who surf internet over mobiles than users who surf on computers and laptops.

Mobile Optimized Version:

The release of a mobile optimized version will be a great success as more and more users are turning to explore internet over cellular phones. Higher authorities of Joomla say that the each version of Joomla is developed with the help of suggestions from the Joomla community. And by coming up with a mobile friendly version, Joomla will increase in popularity and usability as it was the demand of the users worldwide to create a CMS version that enables perfect viewing of content over mobile screens.

Other Features in Joomla Version 3.0:

There are approximately fifteen new features in the version 3.0. Prominent features include the options to copy templates, change name of the users on profiles, and the ability to directly install language package from extension manager. The direct installation allows the user to conveniently manage different languages.

Final Thoughts: 

The launch of Joomla version 3.0 is a collective effort of Joomla community and developers. It’s a community based version that has come to surface because of the suggestions and feedback of the millions of users and Joomla members. Feedback was also gathered from thousands of Joomla extensions. Approximately more than three percent of the blogs and websites over World Wide Web are powered by Joomla (a free open source content management system). There have been at least thirty million downloads of Joomla software till the month of April, 2012. With the latest mobile optimized Joomla CMS 3.5, a rise in popularity and fame of Joomla is expected.

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