Want to Learn Graphic Designing at Home - Here Are Some Tips

Learning Graphic Designing is not easy. We get hold of things when we practice and struggle hard. You always need to set a goal in your mind, this will make things easier. Similarly the field of graphic designing is not easy but if you work on it with an aim of getting hold of it, you will certainly master the art.

Convey your Message Effectively:

Before you start-off, you need to have a complete hold of what you want to deliver and how will you phrase it. For example, if you are planning to deliver a message on peace it’s better that you first grab hold of some pictures which are relevant to your message, these might be pictures you have taken yourself or extracted from web. Now develop a powerful message and combine it with the pictures, tweak it according to your need and you are good to go. It’s better to keep your text compact and precise.

Learn Graphic Designing at Home

Attention Grabbers:

Pictures are certainly important but text is important too! A catchy text along with the image makes the graphic design effective. Some people focus too much on image but not to text. Text is very important and its essential that it grabs the attention of the customer and makes him want to buy the product. Attention grabbers are what remain in the memory of the consumer.

Spellings and Grammar Check:

Wrong grammar and spelling may have adverse effect for you. Your product may become a laughing stock and earn a bad reputation for the company. It is important to proof read before you publish.

Colors Add Life:

Colors are an essential part of life, they add life to a project and they certainly are attractive. Colors capture the attention of every age group whether they are children, teenager or adults. It is essential for every designer to know the correct combination of colors to choose to attract the target market. A wrong color combination might lead the product to failure. The colors should grab attention of customers and urge them to purchase the product. Taking a real life example, if the ice cream cone was black instead of light brown, it would never attract a customer, resulting in failure.


Be critical of your work. Is my work grabbing attention? What improvements can I make? Present your design to your family. For example if u have created an advertisement for a product. Ask your family questions such as; would you want to buy the product? Would you act as an impulsive buyer? Does the text grab your attention? Now work on the negative comments and improve yourself.

Expert Advice:

It’s always good to get an expert’s review about your work. Ask a friend who works on graphic designing on a professional level, to find some time and go through your design. If he gives you a green signal, this means you are already on the right track on becoming a graphic designer.

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