Most Important Fields of Macintosh Soft Development

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Speaking frankly, after the release of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, I tried to think about the level and the uniqueness of the software that is going to be released by Apple in the nearest future. Today we can see the following picture – as we watch some kinds of applications or programs and evaluate them, we can observe that the types of such programs are strictly limited. I use my Mac and my iPhone and iPad a lot, and I cannot remember any really original top-rated application during the last year. All of them can be divided into a few groups – and these groups can be roughly combined into some kind of “type” – like games and similar apps for entertainment, some apps for daily life, some of them for professional purposes like accounting and the remaining ones are made for just for killing time. Today we are going to make some suppositions about what kinds of applications or software in general is going to be written and developed in the nearest future.

Do you know what the essence of the Web is? Try to answer yourself absolutely frankly. Of course, some of you will tell me that the true essence of the web is sharing information. Yes, this is partially true. But yet only partially, because the biggest and the most widened people’s aim of spending time in the Internet is no information search. Somebody will tell that it is entertainment. This also can be true, but yet again it is true only partially – because the majority of people don’t even entertain themselves during being in the Web.

I will tell you the main idea of Internet time spending. It is pure time killing. We just browse around, watch some video here and there, have a sense of visiting our friends by visiting their page in social networks, but the true, real reason of Web time wasting is pure time killing. As for me, I have watched and experienced on my own many kinds of time killing resources. The most severe of them are social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Especially Facebook – a lot of people, especially youngsters, don’t leave it at all.

Apple devices have got a great many of applications for social media, and I think that the most promising and perspective kind of development different apps is this direction.I do know that this topic is already eaten up and really worn, but still – I have been watching many people, who cannot live without social media, and this is in fact normal – because these people have the illusion of speaking to their friends and real life. The future social networks will also change – as for me, they are going to be tied up to real time, and use the mobile devices like tablet PCs and smartphones in order to be able to watch the interests and data of all people that get into the radius of the gadget’s activity. Like you’re going down the street, and you mobile device shows you somebody whom you share your interests with.

Anyway, I suppose that social media and software for its proper work will be the priority in the nearest future, and Apples will be the first ones who will implement this (well, as it always is, actually).

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