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The Features and Perks of Using Viral Wave App for Facebook Page

Making content go viral is one of the biggest challenges that marketers on the Internet face. The phenomenon of viral content is common enough to warrant the term viral wave. The current challenge is to generate waves of viral content concerning a particular product, service or piece of content so that it stays in the user’s memory. The Viral Wave app designed and released by the Facebook verified developer North Social lets you do just that. North Social is a company that has a reputation as a developer of effective social media apps for Facebook and Twitter. They work with clients such as Sony, Virgin, Dallas Mavericks and Greenpeace. They focus on building apps that allow people to create custom fan pages for Facebook.

Currently, the Viral Wave app retails for $19 on Facebook. Its stated goal is to make your product, cause, event or even person go viral. To do this, it gives you a set of tools to develop fan pages for Timeline, or even instantly shareable images and status messages. This app works by asking you to upload an image with the content of your choice, preferably something that connects will with your audience, and then asking users to click on it to share the message or image instantly. This app lets you choose a layout of your own. It allows you to even upload a custom header image that is relevant to the idea that you are trying to communicate.

The best part of this app is that it lets you customize the way users can share the content you are uploading. It lets you include settings that necessitate a certain action before content is visible. For example, you can set it so that viewers have to click on the “Like” button to view the content. Obviously, you have to put in the effort to create something that is interesting and likely to be shared; but once that is done, this app acts as a force-multiplier to the effort that you put in.

North Social has a promotional campaign that currently offers a slew of applications when you purchase Viral Wave. The package includes 18 other applications to improve your online marketing efforts. Applications like Photo Showcase for Timeline, Sweepstakes for Timeline, Sign Up for Timeline, RSS feed for Timeline, Document Display for Timeline and Donate for Timeline complement the Viral Wave app very well. Some of the other apps in the package like Show and Sell for Timeline, Twitter feed for Timeline, RSS feed for Timeline, Map It for Timeline and Video Channel for Timeline are remarkable for the sheer diversity that they bring to your Timeline page. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that these apps convert your Timeline page in to a fully fledged website.

Appdata.com is a website that provides metrics about usage patterns of popular Facebook apps. It shows that Viral Wave Generator has a dedicated user base of over 3000 people who use it on a monthly basis. It even has a large contingent of daily and weekly active users numbering in the hundreds. Considering that this is a creative app, these numbers point to a significant and satisfied user base. North Social has lived up to its reputation in creating this easy to use yet powerful app.

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