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The following free Android apps will take you to the new level and bring lots of fresh attractive content to your Tumblr blog. Tumblr is a well loved blogging platform, which combines standard blog features with micro blogging. Creating brief, visual and eye-catching posts – here’s what makes Tumblr awesome. This service primarily focuses on communication – other users can like and re-post your content within 1 click, follow you, send messages and even contribute to each others blogs. Needless to say, Tumblr easily integrates with Facebook and Twitter user accounts. There are currently 7 types of content that one can submit: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video. Furthermore, you can make posts by e-mail as well as sending audio messages to blog by phone.


Tumblr is an exceptional solution for all mobile bloggers. Since Android-powered devices are getting more and more popular, Tumblr team launched their free Android app via Google Play Market. Nevertheless, this small program is fully functional. You can make quick posts with graphics and links, quickly navigate through everyone’s content, manage your photos, videos and connections on the go etc.

Android Apps - Tumblr



Evernote is a powerful among Android Apps designed for creating quick notes using voice, photos, videos and text. It’s capable on archiving and synchronizing notes you create, saving web pages, adding tags to keep anything in the order and sharing your notes online. Evernote is considered obligatory to keep up with the tempo of modern living and helping you remember small things from everyday life. As a blogger, you can keep these notes in touch and generate more and more ideas for your blog. Despite we believe Evernote deserves to be paid for, it’s completely free at Google Play Market.



Make a photo with your phone camera, use Instagram to apply one of amazing filters to it and send photos directly to your Tumblr blog. The social aspect of this program is really attractive as most users enjoy reviewing, “liking”, commenting, and estimating others photos. Instagram is constantly gaining more and more followers and will likely bring your blog some extra traffic boost. The above mentioned art filters and effects along with full front and back camera support constitute a major advantage of Instagram, ensuring top quality pictures and lots of fun.

Google Analytics:

Android Apps - Google Analytics

The next in Android apps needs no intro. Google Analytics shows how your visitors travel your Tumblr blog. If you decide to make money from your blogging hobby, Google Analytics will point on your blog strengths and weaknesses. Simple stats collection is not the main service value, but the profound data analysis. It’s possible to create a detailed reports on your visitors – their location, language, hardware and software features, behavior and engagement. You will easily compare traffic data (for the last week/month to the week/month before), analyze traffic sources (referrals, search engines, paid and organic traffic) and even see real-time data. Later, Google Analytics will help you define the efficiency of marketing campaigns on your blog. With the Android app, you can fully benefit from Google Analytics on your Android mobile or tablet device. In fact, it’s difficult to overestimate the effectiveness of this service.

Nobody’s Reading my Blog?

In conclusion, let’s pay attention to a small Nobody’s Reading my Blog eBook app by Robin Nixon. If you are new to blogging, you will find this eBook written clearly and simply with 9 brief chapters in it plus a summary. It features the detailed description on how to increase your blog traffic substantially, get new and returning visitors, make money from ads etc. It is possible to adjust eBook reading options in accordance with your device and personal preferences. Having read these simple tips and tricks, the only thing left – just make the most of them and start Tumblr blogging the new interesting and interactive way.

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