Bloggers Of The 21st Century - How Popular They Are

If you were born in the 20th century, then you must have heard about blogs and more or less must be aware of their popularity these days. If you don’t, then, you need to wake up. The world has progressed into something so beautiful thanks to technological advancement. It has provided many opportunities to contribute more to the society; it has given chances for him to interact with many people living across the pacific or the Atlantic. Every corner of the earth is now reachable. As we come to the main topic of discussion, Bloggers Of The 21st Century; we will be surprised how popular this is among all age groups.


The word “blog” was the most used word of the previous year on the internet according to statistics. A blog is a place where a person posts general opinions regarding a certain topic or topics. There are scientific blogs, fashion blogs, sports and health etc. Many bloggers are quite famous on the internet and are even quoted for their authentic information. On some blogs, you can comment, like posts and have discussions over the topic or opinion that one blogger has. This has proved to be a great way of interacting with the cyber world citizens.

Bloggers of 21st Century

Many people are seen indulged in their favorite topics. Anyone doing a specific degree would surely come around blogging and start giving free advice regards his or her area of interest. These blogs have different categories, such as:

Fashion Blogs:

Fashion blogs are famous among girls mostly, which include complete trends of the season and the next. May it be the top colors, shoes, bags, designs, fitting, frills; fashion blogs discuss all such information. They include talks with famous designers, their general opinions, and pictures for further elaboration. You can say a lot of effort is put in to discuss such a hot topic in detail with illustration for the customers ease.

Scientific Blogs:

Scientific blogs are found right next to trend and fashion blogs. Most famous among the whiz kids of this cyber world, scientific blogs usually discuss inventions. Yet there are many out there discussing discoveries. You will find ratings and reviews of the latest products, laptops, iPods, smart televisions etc. These are the area of success for them there are many bloggers that write for just a single company; let’s say Apple Inc. then the blogger will only discuss its products. Similarly many discuss the best merchandise and gadgets out there, while others criticize failures.

Music Blogs:

Music is something that the world loves. These are millions of blogs out there discussing music and its various types. Rock, pop, classical, heavy metal, commercial, you name them and there are people writing ample stuff on them. You will find many blogs on artists too. So music blogs are your entry into the vast world of music. You will find lyrics, videos, covers, albums almost everything being discussed here with the general opinion of the public too.

Political Blogs:

Not very easy to handle, yet they are usually directed towards a bit more mature generation who can understand sarcasm pretty well. Political blogs are a risk. You never know who might just come around and start a quarrel with you, for politics is a topic that is a bit too personal for us. Bloggers keeping this in mind work with writing tactics and make much use of their capability to write well. They prove their point; express their opinion, without directly attacking the subjected person. Hence they play safe.

You will find blogs and bloggers on almost every topic; they are useful since they are really informative. Make sure you subscribe to a good blogger to be among best bloggers of the 21st century.

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